VTOL VR – How to Access Multiplayer

Guide to Access Vtol VR Multiplayer


Step 1

Open up steam and go to your steam library.

Step 2

Right click “Vtol VR” and click “Properties” This should open a new window

Step 3

On the left hand side of the new window select where it says “Betas”

Step 4

Click the dropdown box and select “public_testing – Public unstable build testing”

Step 5

Exit the new window and Vtol VR Should have a new update ready to download.

Step 6

Once the download is complete, Start VTOL VR directly from the Steam app, and have fun!

Make sure that you are not launching the public beta through the Vtol VR Modloader, as this will either make the game crash, or will not allow you to play multiplayer.

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