Wall World – Basic Weapon Tips

Tips to Weapons

Bomb and Stake Launcher

Bomb and Stake launcher are great for clearing enemies that are walking on the wall, just point upwards and shoot. If there is no enemy above the projectile will fall down and hit enemies below.

Especially the stake launcher is very strong like that.

The bomb launcher is ABSURDLY powerful when upgraded. It can remove massive blobs of enemies in 2-3 shots and due to the huge blast radius doesn’t really care about hitting weak spots either – it just hits the entire creature at once, including ALL of its weak spots.

The trick with the stake launcher is that when you fire it upwards it comes back and pierces through the enemies below as well, which makes it really powerful, especially against lines of “lesser” wall-walkers. Gravity is actually your friend with this gun.


If you upgrade the shotgun a bit, it is extremely useful against the big wall-walkers that are bullet sponges otherwise.

With more pellets per shot, it also becomes useful against the smaller flying enemies.

Any big balloon enemy that comes too close does not survive more than one hit of the shotgun.

It can be great against the splodey bloons, but is a bit risky due to it’s low range and turn speed.

If you need to move the shotgun far (more than half the spidermech’s back) and have 2 upgrades in turret turn speed, it is quicker to switch back to the regular turret and turn it, then switch to the shotgun again. I think this is stupid and should be changed, turret turn speed should be universal. This applies to the stake and bomb launcher as well, by the way, they have no turn speed upgrades and turn as fast as the base turret without upgrades.

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