War of Rights – Range Estimation Using Your Sights

Use the rear sights to estimate the range to your target!

Basic Estimation Method

To estimate distance, you must first know how your rear sights compare in size to a close target (55 yards, for the below example).

Notice how at that distance, the Enfield’s sights are roughly equal in width to the target, we can use this to our advantage‚Ķ

If we use this base value, and divide it by a fraction, you might notice that result corresponds with the rough range of the target at that fraction of the full sight picture!

For example, say you have a target that fits in between your rear sights just enough to take out two thirds of the picture. Take 55 and divide that by two thirds. Your result, rounded up, should be 83 yards

Range Table and Visualization

These images are to help visualize the concept described in the above section.


  • Red: 55 Yards
  • Yellow: ~83 Yards
  • Green: 110 Yards
  • Blue: 165 Yards

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