Warehouse Simulator: Forklift Driver – Beginners Guide with Tips

A player’s guide to Warehouse Simulator. Explains the tasks, numbering system and offers tips.

Understanding the Tasks

  • Receiving – Moving received goods to pallet staging/delivery area.
  • Warehousing – Taking pallets from staging/delivery area and putting in bins.
  • Delivery- Removing pallets from bins and placing back in staging/delivery area for loading and pickup.

Scanning the pallets means to use right click to show the hud while you are in the third person camera. Right click will toggle the hud on and off. It only shows when you are close to or carrying a pallet which is part of your task.


Pallet locations are highlighted in green on the floor.

As of patch 0.2 there are no number markings for the locations of bins. Use the number list below to determine where to place the pallet.

You do not need to do anything with empty pallets. Because of this you may not reach the full goal of 32.


You take pallets from the staging/delivery area to the bins. The scanning hud will tell you where to put it and the bins are labelled with numbers and green transparent pallets.

You do not need to do anything with empty pallets. Because of this you may not reach the full goal of 32.


Go to each filled bin and remove the pallet. There are again two sets of green transparent pallets on the floor. The scanning hud will indicate where to put the pallet in the staging/delivery area. Use the number list below to determine where to place it. The value for level seems to always be 1 at this time but I assume a higher level would mean to stack it on an existing pallet at that location.

The Numbering System

The numbering system works as such:

Facing from the starting wall (where the line of forklifts is located) into the warehouse there are rows of green transparent pallets outlined on the floor. There are 2 sets of these, one on the right at a long distance from the starting point and one on the left which is closest to the starting point.

There are 2 rows of 8 pallets in each group. Again from the starting wall the numbers are:

Row numbers (facing into the warehouse shelves from the starting wall)

  • 08 16
  • 07 15
  • 06 14
  • 05 13
  • 04 12
  • 03 11
  • 02 10
  • 01 09

The far right set is labelled as row 4 and the far left set is labelled row 5.

As stated there are no numbers shown on the floor, just instructions for placement in the hud. You can also tell which location is correct by driving over the area carrying a pallet. The goal number, ie 1 of 32 will increment to show you that the spot is right. The green transparent pallet at that location may disappear as well. It definitely will when the pallet is laid down. You do not have to line it up perfectly.

Ideal Fork Heights

  • For picking up 7-8%
  • For placing on shelf level 1 14-16%
  • For placing on shelf level 2 85-90%
  • For removing from shelf level 1 16-18%


  • You have to start the forklift before you can operate the forks.
  • The forklift starts in a parked safety position with the forks down against the ground to prevent movement. You must raise them to move. Ideally the handbrake would be engaged as well.
  • Use lift force to determine when your forks are clear. Lift force indicates the tilt of the forks.
  • Take your time and be careful when pulling pallets from the bin. The shelving is designed so that the pallets can tilt and fall in between. If this happens then the best thing to do is to use raised forks to push the palette to the bin on the other side enough to grab it. (after clearing that side if needed)
  • Switching to the fork camera using the V button is helpful to line up the forks or see when they are free from the pallet.
  • The physics in this game are quite realistic. You can accidentally turn over pallets on their edge or upside down. Use your forks to push them back into the upright position. Tilting can help.
  • Avoid abrupt turns and whipping around as it can dislodge the pallets.
  • If you don’t have a good grip then it is best to slowly move the load out to the floor, lay it down and get a better hold.
  • The handbrake can help when you are pulling pallets from the bin. Lock it and raise then tilt the pallet. Once you release the brake the pallet will shift into place. The handbrake provides a bit of stability.

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