Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – An Imperial Guardsman’s Uplifting Guide to Praising the Emperor and the Machine Spirit

This guide has been produced by order of the Lord Commander Militant of the Emperor’s Imperial Guard. It has been determined by his judgement to be required reading for every Guardsman. Any Guardsman found lacking in the relevant knowledge and/or missing this guide shall be subject to summary execution by the nearest Commissar.

Praising the Emperor and the Machine Spirit Guide

Prayers to the Emperor

Prayer of Adulation to the Emperor

To be recited every morning:

  • O immortal Emperor: Have mercy on us, miserable unworthies that we are.
  • O master of the galaxy, protect your flock from the alien.
  • O keeper of the light, guide our darkened path with your radiance.
  • We are your warriors and we are servants to thee.
  • We stand free from blindness of heart.
  • Free from hypocrisy, vainglory and deceits.
  • But captive to hatred, malice and anger, to the filth, the alien, the heretic.

By thy agony and bloody sweat; by thy Golden Throne and thy death; by thy destruction and re-emergence as the God of men, keep and strengthen us, we who fight for thee.

Libation to the Emperor

To be used whenever thanks are to be given to the Emperor:

  • The Emperor is our guiding light, a beacon of hope for humanity in a galaxy of darkness.
  • As we serve Him, He is our greatest servant.
  • As we pray to Him, His thoughts are only for us.
  • And in the dark when the shadow’s threaten, the Emperor is with us, in spirit and in fact.

Prayers to Be Used When Traveling the Warp

Prayer of Safe Return

To be used before entering the warp:

  • O eternal Emperor, who alone watches us.
  • And rules the tides and storms.
  • Be compassionate to your servants.
  • Preserve us from the perils of the warp.
  • That we may be a safeguard to the domain of men.

Prayer for the Lost and Endangered

To be used in times of emergency when traveling the Warp:

  • Most powerful and glorious emperor.
  • Who commands the winds and eddies of the galaxy.
  • We miserable men are adrift in peril.
  • We cry unto thee for help, save us, or we will perish.
  • We see how great and terrible thou art.
  • We fear you and offer our awe.
  • We fear naught but your wrath.
  • And beg a chance to prove ourselves,
  • so let us not die in the tumultuous of the warp.

Litanies to Placate and Appease the Machine Spirit

Litany of the Lasgun

To be recited before firing your weapon:

  • Bringer of Death, speak your name.
  • For you are my life, and the foe’s death.

Prayer for Ignition

To be recited before priming an explosive device:

  • Spirit of fire.
  • Prime this weapon.
  • And blast the foe.
  • From the Emperor’s sight.

Prayer of Smiting

To be voiced before firing a projectile weapon and repeated until the missile finds it’s target:

  • Spirits in the Machine.
  • Reward my faith.
  • And smash the target.

Litany of Unjamming

To be recited when clearing a jammed weapon:

  • Spirits of the Machine-God, aid your servant and free his weapon so he may use it to break his foes.

Litany of Cleanliness

To be recited when cleaning your lasgun:

  • Let my hand wipe the grime from your perfect form.
  • May you purify with your bolts of light.

Canticle of Appeasement

To be recited to the Machine Spirits when stripping a weapon:

  • Be still, spirits.
  • I do what I must.
  • Forgive the intrusion.
  • And give me your trust.

Catechism of the Machine

To be used with the utmost gravity, when performing a disruptive procedure on a mechanical device:

  • With your strength you protect me.
  • With my care I repair you.
  • With sacred oil I appease you.
  • Be quiet good spirits.
  • And accept my benediction.

Litany of Completion

To be recited when assembling your weapon:

  • Spirits of the machine, accept my please.
  • And walk amidst the gun, and fire it true.
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    • yeap, each one is from the Imperial Guardsmen Uplifting Primer. It is an interesting read, kinda serious and satirical at the same time, but the entire thing is intended to be an ‘in universe’ book.

  1. Forgot one:

    Litany of Connection
    To be used while reconnecting to a squad.:

    While lost I may be,
    And the light of my path is darkened,
    Your Will and Glory remains.
    Grant me Your patience to overcome this fog,
    So I may yet deliver Your judgment to Your enemies.

  2. Thank you sir, I have found my faith to be lacking now with the primer i can slay the enemies of mankind.

  3. I was kinda hoping one of the prayers to the machine spirit might end with “Now help me kill these karking heretics!”

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