Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Atoma Prime Creatures Guide

This is a In depth study series to the beautiful Creatures that Inhabit Mainly Atoma Prime and areas around said planet.

Guide to Atoma Prime Creatures

Study One: The Ogryn

The Ogryn is a vast and large species of the Atoma outback, large In numbers, these majestic creatures inhabit a large portion of Atoma Prime. Most statements about these Gentle Giants are vast understatements to the greatness of them. Protective of their own species and of anyone they deem worthy, which is everyone. these creatures are willing to sacrifice everything just to save one, or for some rations. These specimen are loyal to the emperah even while not fully understanding who or what It Is. It shows how devout these creatures are and how we should handle them with respect.

The Ogryn are simple. the only thing they care about Is getting everyone out and rations. They work Head on and push forward while not caring what happens to them, as long as they get their rations, they are happy. The Ogryn also speak In their own Dialect, while first impressions might fool you that they just speak broken english because they’re dumb founded and not intelligent. These creatures are actually communicating In a higher form then our language we speak, While our ear’s aren’t blessed enough by the emperah to completly understand what they say, Ogryn’s hear and understand all from each other and other species. Their belief Is Why waste time saying long word when can say short word and save precious time for precious rations. It Is also note worthy that you should donate all rations to Ogryns In need, They are big and are your shield on missions and deserve all the love and rations.

The Mating Call

The mating call is quite a beautiful site to see, there Is little footage of The orgyn mating call but you have to see It to believe It. The Alpha Ogryn will run In a circle to attract a mate, and when another ogryn approaches and wants to they will also follow in a circle and even more could follow and be attracted. It Is theorized that if enough Ogryns proceeded in the same Mating ritual It can call a black hole due to the amount of speed and mass In the circle.

  • Fears: None, Orgyn’s do not fear anything.
  • Dislikes: Pyskers, they’re often mean to Ogryns because they simply do not understand the massive intelligence of the creatures and are displeased when someone is on par or higher then their own intelligence.
  • Likes: Rations, stomping bugs, praisin emperah, killin chaos, shootin gun, Ogryns, everyone else untill proven not to like.
  • Variety: While Most of them are of similar sizes via height and weight, most of them have their own distinct look. and often very handsome

Thank you for tuning Into Imperial’s guide to the inhabitants of Atoma prime

Not made by a Ogryn.

As Seen a camera man got in view of Ogryn’s mid In a mating ritual, quietly not disturbing the creatures and letting them be.

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