Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Beginners Tips

A quick and simple guide that goes over a couple pitfalls for newbies, whilst explaining good to know mechanics the tutorial doesn’t cover sufficiently.

Tips for New Players

Notable Resistances of Enemy Variants

  • Dregs generally wear yellow.
  • Scabs generally wear some kind of armor, looking scrappy.

Dreg ragers

  • Takes less damage from heavy melee attacks. This doesn’t apply to scab ragers.


  • Takes more damage when hit in the legs.


  • Generally takes more damage from heavy attacks, or chainsword/axe rev attacks (Hold down the special attack button briefly before doing a heavy attack).
  • Prime targets for headbursts as most other weapons don’t harm them much.
  • Extremely fire resistant.
  • Weak to explosives, grenade launcher, bolter.


  • Extremely strong body armor, aim for the legs or head.


  • Fire resistant.

Scab units in general are armored, and any of their specials won’t take much damage from light swings, when using a weapon that isn’t armor piercing (like an axe).

Class Tips


  • headbursting can still be used when slightly below 100% peril.
  • You can use your special to cancel a peril overload death.


  • Chastise the wicked will only recharge 50% of your toughness, not 100% as the tooltip mentions. Curio that increase toughness boost this effect.
  • The lvl 20 feat, faith restores all, does not trigger on toughness damage.

General Weapon Tips


  • Doesn’t care about headshots, only armor values since it’s explosive damage. Penetrates a large amount of armor.
  • Consider using the rapid fire left click instead of aiming for any ogryns type enemies up close or medium distance. Trading ammo efficiency for a quick kill.
  • The AOE effect is extremely weak.


  • Considerably more effective when aiming for heads or weakpoints.


  • DoT effect increases the longer an enemy has been burnt for. Starts decaying after a couple seconds.
  • Because of this, it can be a strong monstrosity killer too, don’t be hesitant if you can spare the ammo.


  • Unlike swords, axes will still damage lightly armored targets through their armor with light attacks.
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  1. Something i’ve Noticed with Bolters is the AOE is better too just do a Constant Stun on large groups of like shooters and such as its a Micro nade launcher

    also may i suggest that you add in the breakdown of different things Such as the Different enemy’s cause for some reason i have yet too see the 8th type of Dreg for an achievement and idk its kinda just odd to me i suppose

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