Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Guardsman Guide

However, for those whom may need a more in-depth look into how to BE a guardsman and what your tasks are as such, i have created this handy handbook for you to read.

Guide to Guardsman


This is from my own experience and the play style i had the most fun with along with the one i believe to be the most versatile when balanced with the other classes or doubles of classes, it allows you to fit a nice niche where you’re useful in just about any situation yet are still capable of holding your own. If you prefer to play differently that’s your choice, this is just what I’ve found to work best overall.

  1. Your team comes first

You are the balance mechanism, depending on how you function can mean your team is well rounded to deal with threats or it will be dulled when dealing with most ranged issues. You’re also the only class that needs to use cover, so do that.

  1. Your strengths are with your rifle

Use that mostly, you have a ton of ammo. Your melee, unlike most of the classes, is your last resort, use it when it’s needed but always seek to create enough space for you to fire into the hearts and minds of the heretics. You shoot (or suppress) the specialty units first, they are your focus so that the rest of your team can do their job as crowd control, anti armor, and meat shielding. Help as needed, but remember that the guys who are more dangerous are your first priority and if you do this job right, your team has a far easier go of things overall.

  1. Grenades are your second strength

There’s a perk or trait once you reach a certain level, like 14 or something, that allows you to get a grenade every 45s. That means in about 3-ish minutes you have the power to clear out most, if not all, of a hoard, giving you the ability to turn the tides of a battle or create breathing space for yourself or allies. They are a tactical tool, use them wisely and you’ll control the pace of any battle. Just be sure to keep a single grenade handy at all times for emergencies.

  1. Your melee is your last resort

I know i already said this but i mean it, go for an axe or a staggering weapon instead of a sword. Swords are nice for crowd control however axes do just as well if you pace yourself and have the added benefit of staggering heretics who don’t get one shoted. Chain-sword is cool and good at this too, however the chainsaw animation leaves you too open for heretical schemes like slashing or MLMs.

  1. Use. Your. Stance.

It recharges rather quickly so don’t be afraid of using it often as it allows you to one shot some enemies with body shots which is nice since you sway like you haven’t slept in days, as is the burden of a guardsman.

  1. Your rifle type is important

Go for a lasgun with stopping power, accuracy, and damage. Rate of fire is only useful in one situation and that’s crowd control but as covered, your grenades and melee will do in a pinch, no one has the ability to be as accurate as you at range. So when a bunch of ranged units appear in the distance, you’re the only thing keeping your team from being suppressed and tainted.

Pro-tip for accuracy: don’t follow enemies heads, let them walk into your sights.

  1. You are the equalizer

The rest of your team fulfills a variety of very important roles and act as spearheads in all forms of combat, you are the engineer that keeps their holy war machine running. If you falter, they will be weakened due to this, yes you have weaknesses, but that’s nothing a few feet of breathing room and a double-tap (or milluple-tap) to the heretics face can’t fix. The rest of your team may become overzealous and charge wildly into battle, as is the will of the emperor, however you must act as the over watcher, take the high ground and keep them safe. Come in to take care of what you can when it’s needed, and return to the rear to support their advance.

Final Words

You’re not in the Astra Militarum anymore guardsman, this is the inquisition, we play by different rules.

The Emperor protects from a distance, we must lead by example.

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