Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Guide to Playing in Groups

This is a short guide of best practices for playing in groups to try to get consistent play. If you are struggling with why people are potentially getting upset with you OR you are getting upset with someone else for the decisions they’re making with precious resources getting your strike team killed, this guide is for you. It aims to point out the things that you can do differently and expect from others to try to get through the missions quickly and with minimal casualties.

Tertium Sitrep Or Basics to Success

Sit Down and Listen Up

“You are not in Cadia anymore. You are on Tertium, criminals. Respect that fact every second of every day. In those hives every living thing that crawls in the squallor wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes. We have heretics of every race and creed. The stronger ones are very hard to kill. As head of security, it is my job to keep you alive. I will not succeed. Not with all of you. If you wish to survive, you need to cultivate a strong, faithful aptitude. You got to obey the rules: Tertium rules.”

Rule Number One: Communicate

Establish Motives

Tell your strike team what you plan to do during the mission so everyone is on the same page. The game has in-game voice and failing that there is text chat. No excuse to not communicate.

Secondary Objectives

If you are working on secondary objectives, best to let your team know. Grimoires and Scriptures can be a time consuming process trying to find enough and all of them. On top of that, Grimoires will cause corruption, not just to you, but to your entire team.


Some Penances you are not going to complete in one go, some will require the help of your team. If you state that you are trying to tackle a penance, be prepared to step up to any opportunity that presents itself. If you need to lob a grenade at a snipe 40 meters away, That will be easier if the entire team is not trying to shoot them down, but at the same time you have a duty to find that sniper once announced and get chucking.

Share Strengths and Weaknesses

Got a new weapon? Trying it out? Maybe your primary isn’t so great on penetration, knowing that you’re going to suppress other enemies while someone with something better takes on the Armored enemies is probably a better use of your time. If you have something that is awesome at popping walking tin-cans, maybe state you’re a “Can Opener” and step up to those when encountered.



You can help coordinate target kills, this is a great way to get things downed that are a pain which is basically all the specialized enemies that you may encounter.

Resources you Don’t Need

Find an Ammo Tin, Ammo Pile, Ammo Crate or Medi-Pack that you can’t use? Maybe you found another Scripture or Grimoire but you already have one? Tag/Ping that to the group so someone can grab that.

Battery Pack

If you see one, odds are there is an uncharged Medicae somewhere nearby, ping it, to get the team to stack up to you so you can all escort it to some sweet sweet healing.

Medicae Stations

Everyone can use healing for wounds or more likely corruption, call these out when you see them.

Rule Number Two: Proper Share and Distribution of Resources

Nothing is more frustrating then seeing more than half the party dying and someone charging past the front line with the only medi-pack in hand. It’s in your utility slot, you press 3 to arm it and click to drop it. When the whole party is calling for Ammo and you have the only Ammo Crate, best drop that bad boy and let the party replenish. Hording these items does you no good if everyone else dies cause they can’t shoot. So lets go through the thought process on what should be used when and who is in greatest need for which types of healing.



These are the most common forms of damage. Each block of white health represents available wounds to take. They will grey out as you take damage. Madi-Packs and Madicae can heal wounds.


Corruption can only be healed as a Medicae station. If you or someone in the team is carrying a Heretic Grimoire, your team is in possession of a constant corrupting force. Corruption prevents healing for however much you are corrupted.


That damned trapper managed to get you cause you were surprised or didn’t dodge in time. either way, You are stuck in a net being electrocuted until you get picked up OR you get captured.


Ops, you lost your footing or maybe a Mutant yeeted you off a ledge. Best case scenario, you are Dangling off the ledge and a teammate can help you back up. Worst case scenario, you are captured and must wait to be rescued.


You’ve lost too much blood, you are down unable to move and must be picked up by a teammate.


You lost too much blood and bled out, you got yeeted to your doom. You couldn’t hold on any longer and let go of the ledge, you just got too corrupted and were captured for it. No matter what happened it results in the same thing, You’ve been captured and appear on the map, often guarded, and awaiting rescue by your teammates.


Medicae Stations

Medicae stations have at best 4 charges. If you are down to a wound of health left and the rest of the party has 1 or 2 wounds worth of corruption, you are NOT on the top of the list to use that station. Best to pass for someone with corruption.

If your team has one or more grimoires, you will not be able to heal all corruption. Do not keep trying to use the medicae to try to clear it, it will just come right back and you are wasting Medicae healing

For Medicae stations, In a best case scenario, most corrupted goes first.

Failing that, Most wounded.

Utility Slots

These provide some measure of controlled benefit and relief in various situations. It is generally best practice to place and ping. Let everyone know that you’ve put one down so they can come get refreshed on the things they need.


Medi-Packs heal wounds slowly over time in a radius location once placed. If the party is almost dead, it isn’t from lots of corrupted wounds and you’re holding one of these, you are drawing ire.

These do NOT heal corruption, but they will top you off as needed and run for a good bit. As a general rule of thumb, if everyone is less than half health or lower, but not from corruption, it’s probably a good time to think about dropping one.

Good times to use Medi-Packs include:

Picking a team member up in a horde – Drop one and get working to pick them up, preferably after knocking everything down if possible. Even downed if you get downed, it will heal still and give the rest of the team time to try to get there if needed. I tis very possible for you to go down during the rescue attempt this is a little insurance to try to help prevent a capture.

Low health party in a group before a horde wave – Everyone needs the healing and you’re about to have a horde, drop it and stay in it. Being grouped up helps Toughness anyway, so pick a quadrant and cover it while enjoying that sweet sweet healing and possibly even as the horde falls upon you.

Ammo Crates

Ammo crates fill your ammo for your secondary weapon. These are best placed when the party as a whole needs ammo, as a rule of thumb if you start hearing characters taking about hording ammo, then their character is low as well. Might be a good time to drop a crate if you’re carrying one. Airlocks, Elevators, and Medicae stations are generally great gather places to drop one if people are low. Ascenders and Boss Fights it’s generally great to place one for good measure during the fight, you’re going to be using the ammo, may as well make it available to the team.

You can see how your teammates are doing for ammo by looking at the bullets icon under their name, You can use this to plan proper use of the ammo Crates.

  • White, they are doing OK.
  • Yellow, getting Low.
  • Red they’re out.

Utility Slot Pickup – You have a Medi-pack, and the rest of the team has full utility slots, this could be Grimoires, Scriptures, Ammo Crates, or Medi-Packs, people are lower health and are good on ammo, use the Medi-pack and grab the ammo crate. Either way, it’s better to drop the Medi-pack and collect the new resource for later than it is to leave it and have it do nothing. If you’re lower on Ammo, maybe swap the Medi-Pack into the find spot and use the Ammo Crate instead and pick the Medi-Pack back up, either way, Crates and Packs should be used instead of horded and this is a good way to try to get back to optimal performance.

In the case of a Grimoire or Scripture, I’d still use the pack or crate and notify everyone.

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