Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Guide to Unit Coherency

How and why to maintain Unit Coherency with your Strike Team.

Unit Coherency Guide

Step 1: Maintaining Coherency

Stay close to your team. That’s literally all you have to do.

Step -1: Don’t Wander Off

It’s really that simple.

But I Want to Run Off Like a Small, Idiot Child!

Don’t expect your team to care, notice, or otherwise put any effort into reviving you if you are not within Line-of-Sight.

Likewise, don’t be surprised when the Director throws a Hound or a Trapper at you and nobody comes to your rescue.

Why Unit Coherency Matters

Staying within Line-of-Sight of your Strike Team means you can react to what’s going on with your team members. If you’re not around, you aren’t helping. If you aren’t helping, you’re wasting a slot that would be better filled by someone that will be a team player, or even a bot.

Maintaining Coherency increases your Strike Teams survivability. Many feats for each class provide a buff or beneficial proc that will only activate for players in Coherency. If you are not in Coherency with your team, you are reducing the overall effectiveness of your Strike Team as a whole, and are not taking full advantage of your team members abilities or your own.

Team members within Coherency regenerate Toughness. During large horde encounters, this regenerative effect can mean the difference between surviving the encounter and a full wipe. If you’re not in Coherency, not only are you not helping your team stay alive, but you yourself aren’t benefiting from their Toughness regeneration and are likely to go down.

Just Stick Together

Stay with your team. Don’t wander off. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t rush ahead or fall behind. Keep your head on a swivel and make sure you’re aware of what the rest of your team is doing.

If you can manage to do this, you will be ahead of 99% of other players, and your missions will go a lot smoother and result in wipes a lot less.

Have fun, and maintain unit coherency.

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