Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Get the Abhor the Mutant Achievement

Abhor the Mutant Achievement Guide


You must attack the Mutant with your charging Skill active and kill it WHILE You AND the Mutant are Charging. Yes really!

How to Unlock

  1. Run after the sound of a spawning mutant to ensure you can probably be alone with it in the background of the battle.
  2. Allow the Mutant to charge. Admittedly this is easier if it isn’t targeting you, if you have a friend use them as bait.
  3. Ready a heavy attack shortly before using your skill.
  4. Use your skill and release the heavy attack. Usually it’s wounded enough, but if you want to be sure about this, wait until you get a great melee for single target damage.

Mutants will instantly grab you if you approach from the front and it is charging you, so if at all possible, use your skill from the side or attack it while it’s going for someone else.

This does NOT have anything to do with actual DASHING. In the Penance description, the criteria refers to both you and the mutant charging; i.e your skill and the mutant’s charge. Yes really!

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  1. Praise the emperor, i finally did it. Weapon used was Catachan MK IV Devils Claw Sword.
    I charge my heavy attack then used the Zealots Dash ability and landed the killing blow.
    Abhor was slamming one of my team mates into the ground when i landed this.
    Hope this is helpful to anyone else who is struggling.

    • Only thing I can think of is that you may be using the chainsword, its delayed kill animation when using its special modified attack may not register as being part of the charge. Try different weapons – I used the tactical axe for mine

    • Thanks for the comment. I have been using the chainsaw axe as its my strong melee weapon. Ill try the tactical axe later on. Fingers crossed it works. Thanks again for the suggestion.

  2. so if im right, you dont even need to do anything except charge his ass quickly after he stops punching someone, but maybe i was just lucky

  3. im guessing the charge sequence starts when hes stomping, seconds before the actual charge, because ive got it,by just charging at his back after pummeling the ally

  4. Do you know how to unlock the helmet for preacher? I dont know what mission im missing and cant find any way to check

    • Helmets cannot be unlocked at the moment due to all requiring the 7-missions penance. There are currently not 7 missions in the game during pre-beta

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