Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Malleus Monstronum Penance Unlock Guide

While on heresy threat or higher singlehandedly brain burst a monster to death, all damage done by brain burst and all by you.

How to Unlock Malleus Monstronum Penance

All credit goes to lukemac!

What is it and what penances should you use?

Simply put; this must be done on level 4 difficulty and none of the people helping you do this can damage the monster and all of the damage you do to it must come from you brain bursting it.

So what feats make this easier? This achievement will require you to reach level 30 on psyker before attempting.

For level 30 Kinetic Barrage is a vital feat to complete the penance, it will help you kill the monster more quickly.

Warp Battery is relatively optional but if you are able to initiate the fight whilst you still have warp battery at max charges you will be looking at a large damage bonus to your brain burst.

All feats otherwise are up to you, the only really vital one is kinetic barrage.

What is the easiest most ideal method of doing it?

The daemonhost is a monster with one of its gimmicks being it doesn’t lose aggro from someone once it has targeted them. This means if you squad up with an ogryn that has a slab shield, get him to go in a corner after aggroing it and have the two other members of your squad defend you then you should be able to get this done quite quickly.

The reason for choosing to fight the daemonhost over say a plague ogryn or beast of nurgle is because multiple daemonhosts are guaranteed to spawn on the lights out mission modifier.

How can I get this with other monsters and do I need a pre-made?

The main issue with this is it will take you a while to encounter a beast of nurgle or plague ogryn and it will switch aggroes to other team members.

This means your team members must remain mobile whilst keeping specials off you.

For beasts of nurgle make sure to constantly switch levels of elevation since they are slow and cannot traverse terrain, for plague ogryns make sure you are dodging in between bursts and doing very much the same.

Remember! Your teammates cannot damage them even if they draw aggro.

Unfortunately if you do not pre-made and even one person sneezes on the boss your attempt will be done so I really do recommend going on the darktide official discord and getting a group to help or using friends!

Is it really worth it and what does it look like?

Considering the difficulty of the achievement it’s a sizeable flex and who knows maybe you could look as drippy as me someday (humble brag). It’s also a pre-requisite for the third headgear option for psyker.

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