Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Power Sliding Trick

Power Sliding

A little Tutorial on something I have figured out!

So yeah this will be short, I have noticed with the addition to sprinting and sliding we can now do what I have coined it Power Sliding!

Not too imaginative I know but it makes sense on the action you preform to pull this move off.

First off you need a melee weapon that gives you extra forward momentum when releasing a heavy attack.

  1. Hold and Charge the heavy attack up whist sprinting forward
  2. Next release the (POWER) attack now the swing has started to move your momentum forward
  3. Hold in crouch right after you let go of the attack and it should slide you forward faster than normal!

If done correctly you can even move faster than you can sprint with some weapons, try em out!

The reason for doing this is to move up quickly and more safely to ranged units as Sliding lets you avoid most gun fire (yes Ogryn included)

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  1. Tested distances in the psykanium..
    power sliding adds 3meters to each charge with the combat knife, I expect this adds about the same on other charging melee weapons

    • Nice find! Yeah the dagger gains the most speed and distance from sprint charging heavy’s so adding the slide at the end is crazy good for closing the gap.

      About the actually distance i haven’t tested myself but some weapons do make you go further than others, it all depends on how fast the animation sends you forward. Hitting the sweet spot when pressing crouch is key for maximum distance.

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