Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Pro Tips and Tricks

How to win at Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

Pro Tips from the Community

While playing I learned from others:

  • Play the game as if it’s Skyrim: Take your time. Forget your team, enemies, objectives, and everything else. You have stuff to look at.
  • Take every pickup you see. No one else will need them. It’s debatable if they are even really people.
  • Never use medipacks, or anything else you grabbed in the previous step. You will get a sense of satisfaction watching your team fail, plus I think the Emperor likes it if you bring them back to the hub with the corpses of your team.
  • You have access to ranged weapons, grenades, and a special ability, but the only weapon you should ever use is your melee one, and the only buttons you must use are “W” and left mouse. The rest will only slow you and your team down from getting that game over screen we’re trying so hard to achieve.
  • Pad your stats: No one can see them, but if you waste the team’s time killing enemies while they wait in the drop-ship for the mission to wrap up, they will all think you are the coolest person ever, and you might even get a QT3.14 bae out of it.

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