Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Reject PC Guide (Extreme)

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How to eek out 60 fps on ancient hardware.

Guide to Reject PC

An Overview

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\Steam\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide\user_settings
  2. Strip this game down to nothing.
  3. After you are done making changes, go to properties and change to read only.

This guide assumes that you have reduced the quality of in-game and launcher settings as low as possible.

Extreme Fixes (Ugly; Would Make Uncle Nurggy Proud)

  • local_lights_shadows_enabled = false (this will aesthetically cuck your game and make it appear flat)
  • lod_object_multiplier = 0.1 (Delicious and pervasive pop-in of world objects for your Pentium III PC)

for 16:9 (Make sure you change both resolutions in the config file, there are two)

screen_resolution = [
  • for 16:10
screen_resolution = [

Changing your monitor’s native resolution to the corresponding Sega Saturn-esque resolution is advised; P.S. You may need to create a custom resolution for this like I did.

  • Use Performance (DLSS) or Ultra-Performance mode (FSR 2); naked mole rat experience (can’t see enemies clearly past 15 feet; feels like playing a DOS box game on a lower-than-intended resolution)
  • static_sun_shadows = false (we need to go flatter… like 2D flat)
  • particles_capacity_multiplier = 0 (no bullet tracers, no indication of where you’re channeling a Trauma force staff, no red beam from [invisibly pixellated] snipers…. yeah, it’s a great time, biggest increase in performance…)

Moderate Intensity Fixes

volumetric_fog_quality = "false"
performance_settings = {
decal_lifetime = 0
max_blood_decals = 0
max_impact_decals = 0
max_ragdolls = 1

Note: do not reduce ragdolls to zero = crash

decals_enabled = false
display_noise_enabled = false
local_lights_max_dynamic_shadow_distance = 0
local_lights_max_non_shadow_casting_distance = 0
local_lights_max_static_shadow_distance = 0
local_lights_shadow_atlas_size = [
1 (or 128 if you have Local_Lights enabled)
1 (or 128 if you have Local_Lights enabled)
local_lights_shadow_map_filter_quality = "false"

local_lights_max_static_shadow_distance – also might be default if you have Local_Lights enabled

rt_checkerboard_reflections = false
rt_light_quality = "false"
rt_mixed_reflections = false
rt_particle_reflections_enabled = false
rt_reflections_enabled = false
rt_shadow_ray_multiplier = 0
rt_transparent_reflections_enabled = false
rtxgi_enabled = false
rtxgi_scale = 0
  • static_sun_shadow_map_size = [
  • 1 (or 128 if you have static_sun_shadows enabled)
  • 1 (or 128 if you have static_sun_shadows enabled)
sun_shadow_map_filter_quality = "false"
volumetric_extrapolation_high_quality = false
volumetric_extrapolation_volumetric_shadows = false
volumetric_lighting_local_lights = false
volumetric_reprojection_amount = 0
volumetric_volumes_enabled = false

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • jitter_enabled = false according to the wiki; “In computer graphics, to “jitter a pixel” means to place it off side of its normal placement by some random amount in order to achieve a more natural appearance.” I don’t know what kind of performance impact turning this off has.
  • world_interaction_size = [

What does this even do?

  • nv_reflex_low_latency = 0 (Many users have reported that this option is bugged and turning it off can cause a massive performance increase)
  • nv_low_latency_markers = false (not sure what this actually does but I turned this off thinking that it could be tied to the bugged low_latency mode)

The Unsavory Conclusion

If you have indeed applied all the the “fixes” that I have listed, your game should appear as such:

I have now achieved a whopping unstable 35-60 FPS on an incredibly ancient Geforce GTX 1660 TI and core I-7 2.6Ghz computer that can run every other modern game flawlessly…

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  1. it feels random cause im running a 3090 and having gpu crashes and other codes like 9999 now. Anyway good guide, thanks!

  2. “Non-wealthy huamns” Bruh I got a 2080 ti, 9900k, I crash even with a 5k $ build from 3 years ago.
    “world_interaction_size ” is items in world that you can destory, Laterns wine bottles etc.

  3. jeez, a GTX 1060 6GB shouldn’t struggle this much for what is essentially a badly optimized game…

  4. The “nv_reflex_low_latency” is not bugged, It’s a feature that removes pre-rendered frames from the cpu to make your game more “snappy”, It’s taxing on your gpu’s process/cpu in general.

  5. the optimization is perfect because only trust fund babies (leeching off their dead parents’ life insurance) streaming on Twitch can play this game, which is what Fatshark intended.

  6. Turned the game into potato and couldn’t even get framerates half as high as Vermintide 2 on medium and high settings. They really botched the optimization on this.

    • Actually, the optimization is perfect because only trust fund babies (leeching off their dead parents’ life insurance) streaming on Twitch can play this game, which is what Fatshark intended.

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