Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Shotgun Melter Build for Veteran

This is a super simple build that just allows you to melt enemy elites and hordes in seconds.

The Basic Deets

Prefered Class:

First off you need to be a veteran to buff the damage of your shotgun and gain benefit from using ranged weapons however any class has access to the shotgun (I believe).

How to Unlock Shotgun?

  • To unlock the shotgun simply play the game until you are LVL 7 to 9+ (That’s when I unlocked the shotgun)
  • You can either get the shotgun through level up rewards or buying it from the armoury.


  • I recommend having the “At Arm’s Length” skill or the “Confirmed Kill” feat for your first feat set.
  • Your second featset can be used with “Sniper” or “Tactical Reload” (The shotgun in this game has alot of range so the sniper feat is not useless)
  • Third featset is best up to own choice as it doesn’t affect the build much.
  • Fourth featset is best with “Unwavering Focus”
  • Fifth featset is best with “One After Another”
  • Sixth featset is up to preferance as all 3 feats have a good boost however I personally prefer “Crackshot”

Extra Info

  • Melee doesn’t matter much so any melee weapon works in this build
  • Ammo economy for the shotgun is good however constant use does make it bleed ammo (aka use melee on small hordes and shotgun on elites and large hordes). Greedy nubbin teammates also have a factor in this.

First time writing guide so might be a bit hard to read but just felt like sharing this build.

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  1. I only got to use the shotgun on Zealot during my brief time with the beta, shotgun Veteran sounds fun!

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