Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Simple FPS/Performance Boost

This doubled my FPS from 40-50 to 80-100.

FPS/Performance Boost Guide

  • In the launch menu settings, turn FidelityFX super Resolution 1.0 off.
  • Launch the game.
  • Simply go into your IN GAME graphics settings and follow these steps exactly.
    • Turn FidelityFX super Resolution 2 off.
    • Turn FidelityFX super Resolution 1.0 off.
    • Hit Escape and return to the main menu.
    • Return to the graphics settings menu.
    • Turn FidelityFX super Resolution 2 to Balanced.
    • Return to the main menu and test.

Silly steps, but it doubled my fps from 50ish to 100ish, and the game is playable.

Note: This last part is crucial and is probably related to launch parameters, the config file.

Every time I launch the game, i go into the graphics menu and toggle FidelityFX super Resolution 2.0 OFF then ON.

My specs for reference, most other settings are on medium and i have nvidia reflex low latency enabled, Vsync disabled.

  • Windows 10.
  • 2560×1080.
  • 5600x.
  • GTX 1080 8 GB.
  • 32 Gb ram.
  • Installed on a nvme SSD.
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  1. Gained around 20 FPS, from 80 to 100.

    windows 11
    R5 5600X
    RTX 2080S
    32 gb ram 3200mhz
    on NVME

  2. I wanna thank you so much. Life saver: I just saved money for this 3060 pretty expensive where i live. Was getting high 50’s to 120 max fps. Now: low 90’s to 150 max fps. Wow game feels amazing now full fluid !! b4 was completely janky. Thanks again <3 Obs: driver 526.98

  3. Worked for me, getting like 80+fps in the Mourningstar on high settings now when before it was struggling to maintain 60 even on low settings. Performance also much better in games, rarely dropping below 60 even in hordes.

    Specs are a 1080Ti 11GB, i5-9600K, 16GB DDR4, NVMe SSD with the game installed on it.

  4. i7 8700k
    1080 8gb
    playing on 1080p

    everything on medium overall this fix made the game more stable but still drops fps like hell.
    playing on gamepass, idk if this works for steam V only

  5. God this is the one option i didn’t touch

    Can confirm this worked and even allowed me to bump my settings higher without any further droppages.


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