Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Simple Melee Weapon Perk / Blessing Guide

Quick Guide to Melee Weapon Perk / Blessing

Many breakpoints discussed are dependent on talents. Play around with the skill tree if your weapon doesn’t seem to reach a certain breakpoint. Not the only builds available for each weapon, just the most common ones.


  • Maniac / Flak / Carapace / Elite / Unyielding

Mark XII

  • Thrust + Slaughterer/Headtaker
  • Bloodletter + Thunderous 

Mark IV

  • Headtaker + Slaughterer/Thunderous
  • Headtaker/Slaughterer + Thrust

Maniac / Flak / Carapace / Elite: Improve elite/specialist damage. Optimization depends on blessing loadout/damage spread.

Unyielding further improves the already high boss damage. All perks affect bleeding damage from Bloodletter.

The Mark XII:

  • Thrust: Charged heavy specials 1 shot Crushers without Carapace. Slaughterer/Headtaker: Horde damage for a balanced weapon.
  • Bloodletter + Thunderous: Bleed stacks apply from the first tick of damage on revs. Dodge out of the first few ticks for low-commitment bleed kills. Very bad horde performance, even by Chain Axe standards.

The Mark IV

  • Headtaker + Slaughterer: General damage increase. Thunderous can be taken instead for better performance on elites but is worse on hordes..
  • Headtaker/Slaughterer + Thrust: Similar to the other mark, but requires Carapace for a clean oneshot on Crushers.


  • Flak + Maniac / Elite / Unyielding

Mark IV

  • Savage Sweep + Rampage
  • Wrath + Rampage
  • Bloodletter + Rampage / Savage Sweep / Wrath

Mark XIII 

  • Wrath + Rampage

Flak + Elite / Maniac allows for faster breakpoints on Elites/Specialists. Elite is preferred for non-bleed setups.

Flak + Unyielding: General increase in boss damage for either setup.

The Mark IV:

  • Savage Sweep + Rampage: Horde damage with heavy sweeps. Mediocre Rev attacks.
  • Wrath + Rampage: Similar to the previous combo, but for lazy people who just light spam.
  • Bloodletter: Extra damage for revs that can oneshot Maulers/Bulwarks, also kills Mutants/Ragers faster.

The Mark XIII:

  • Uses Wrath to build up cleave as it struggles to proc Savage Sweep.

Power Sword

  • Maniac / Unyielding / Carapace
  • Power Cycler + Brutal Momentum / Sunder

Power Swords choose two of three perks:

  • Maniac: Both Swords can 1 shot Mutants on a headshot.
  • Unyielding: With Bring it Down! (20% Ogryn Damage), it 1 shots Bulwarks on a headshot. Improved boss damage.
  • Mark VI Power Sword with the Carapace can 2 shot Crushers though it is still possible to do so without the perk using Bring it Down!
  • Mark III Power Sword with Carapace allows for easy 3 shots on Crushers

Brutal Momentum: Stronger against hordes of regular enemies. 

Sunder: Better against groups of Elites like Rager packs.

Combat Axe


  • Unarmored + Flak / Carapace
  • Brutal Momentum + Headtaker


  • Flak / Carapace / Unyielding / Maniac / Elite
  • Brutal Momentum + Thrust

The Rashad:

  • Unarmored is required to 1 shot Scab Fighters.
  • Flak makes it easier to 1 shot Dreg Fighters in the head. Not required.
  • Carapace: 3 shots Crusher breakpoint.
  • Headtaker is best due to its reliability in spamming light attacks, but can suboptimally be substituted with Decimator which resets on a miss. 

The Antax:

  • Same as above, but notably more difficult to hit breakpoints due to having a Cleave Target stat roll instead of Finesse.

The Achlys:

  • Fairly flexible on Perks due to relying on heavies for hordes.
  • Thrust is highly effective on the Achlys due to its horizontal heavy. Alternate between push and the first horizontal heavy attack for hordes.

Tactical Axe

  • Flak + Maniac
  • Headtaker + Shred
  • Flak + Unarmored
  • Headtaker + Brutal Momentum

Tactical Axes can be played like a Combat Knife or like a bad Combat Axe:

  1. TacAxe has a high crit rate. Flak + Maniac with Headtaker + Shred activates crits reliably and boosts damages against elite/specialists.
  2. Latter option is similar to the Rashad Combat Axe and is built the same way. Use heavy swings instead of light. See that section for explanations on choices.

Combat Knife

  • Unarmored / Flak / Carapace / Unyielding / Elites
  • Uncanny Strikes + Precognition / Riposte / Mercy Killer***

Exclude Maniacs on knives, as it already one-shots Flamers and two-shots Mutants without it. Other options listed are all decent.

Uncanny Strikes is mandatory.

  • Precognition: Highest damage increase, able to 2 shot Crushers. Can be tricky to use due to 2 second buff window.
  • Riposte: Very easy-to-use buff that makes critting reliable.
  • Mercy Killer: Decent, with a caveat. Serrated Blades (Melee inflicts +1 Bleed) is required on the talent tree. Also will never activate on the 1st hit against a target due to needing to apply bleed first.

While Bleed blessings can be effective on Zealot due to their bleed synergy, Veteran lacks damage reduction and critical rate buffs on bleeding targets. Avoid Lacerate and Flesh Tearer on Veteran.

Devil Claw

  • Flak + Maniac / Unyielding / Unarmored / Elite
  • Rampage / Savage Sweep / Skullcrusher / Shred

Excels against unarmored groups of enemies, but suffers greatly against armor. Flak somewhat remedies this.

  • Unyielding improves boss damage with parries.
  • Unarmored improves horde damage.
  • Elite improves general damage against elites mixed into groups.
  • Maniac can be taken to kill Mutants with a 1 shot crit heavy to the head.

Rampage offers a large general damage increase against hordes

Savage Sweep further improves performance against hordes.

Skullcrusher: Slight boost against hordes. Also boosts single target damage from repeated hits.

Shred: Crits are very effective due to high Finesse values.

Standard Shovel

  • Flak + Maniac/Unarmored
  • Uncanny Strikes + Decimator 
  • Uncanny Strikes + Take a Swing
  • Flak + Maniac are best for general coverage of elites. Unarmored adds a little more oomph against hordes.
  • Uncanny Strikes is mandatory. Decimator helps against hordes.

Take a Swing: Alternate option that allows the push attack to 1 shot enemies like Flamers and Scab Gunners. Can do significant damage to Crushers. Weaker horde performance.

Folding Shovel

  • Flak + Maniac
  • Uncanny Strikes + Decimator / Skullcrusher***
  • Flak + Carapace
  • Uncanny Strikes + Thrust / Limbsplitter

Similar to the other shovel with a special attack that does high damage to armored enemies. Can use the first build from other shovel, but also has an anti-armor build:

Skullcrusher can be effective on the Mk3 for light spam instead of Decimator. Not recommended for the Mk7 heavy spam.

Carapace with Thrust or Limbsplitter can 1 shot Crushers.

  • Thrust: Easy to hit breakpoint, needs fully charged heavy. Can still 1 tap Rager/Mutants without Maniac by charging heavy.
  • Limbsplitter requires a single stack of Focus Target (Tagged enemies take extra damage) and has a cooldown but can also perform a 1 shot on Ragers and Mutants with light specials.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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