Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Skill Requiring Meta for Sharpshooter

This is a basic little tip for those who want to hone a skill for this game and literally carry any team.

The Meta Weapon

A Catachan combat blade.

As of this moment a Catachan combat blade with high mobility and finesse (rending preferred) is possibly the absolute best way to not only show off skill but make the game 12x easier and missions much faster.

Whats the tip you might ask? Its simple.

Learn to dodge.

Now why would dodging be so important? well its simple. You avoid all damages if you dodge just right and with the knife you can pretty much dodge infinitely and very far. So if you dodge past all the enemies on some missions and just go immediately to the objective totally ignoring enemies then some will follow you while the rest despawn.

After that your team can casually walk to the objective while you prance around untouchable like some fancy french fencer that cant be touched.

If you learn how to do this and effectively you could be literally untouchable all game.

But since dodging can only happen sideways and backwards you have to learn the map a little and also be concious of where every enemy is because you dont wanna end up surrounded.

As of writing this I have only tested it on 2 missions but have found it to drastically reduce mission time as well as reduce enemy count.

However you will still be stopped at objectives and such.

I would say this combined with any partners with explosives could very easily wipe maps.

This is a recommendation for those who feel they can hone their skills to perfect this as it might just be the perfect thing for speed running.

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