Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Vigil Station Oblivium Scripture Locations

This guide contains all the locations (that I have found up until this point) of the Scripture spawns on the map Vigil Station Oblivium.

Locations of All Vigil Station Oblivium Scriptures

Scripture Locations

Scripture 1

The Scripture is on the outside staircase of the first tower/spiral staircase you need to go through.

Scripture 2

The Scripture will be at the bottom of the second tower/spiral staircase you need to go through.

Scripture 3

The Scripture will be on the path towards the bazaar, inside one of the rooms on the left hand side. Go into the room (left picture) and the Scripture will be on some rubble.

Scripture 4

The Scripture will be in one of the side rooms when you’re crossing the area leading to the bazaar. The room is the one with a well in the middle. The scripture is next to a pillar.

Scripture 5

The Scripture is right before the end event. Its on the left side of the small bridge leading up to the final airlock.


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