Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – All Icicle Locations (Trails of Treachery DLC)

Locations of All Icicles

Icicle #1

The icicle is on the backside of the wooden crane that is located just outside the building where you find the cargo for the first time.

Icicle #2

(1) When progressing through the area after the crane where the first icicle was, up in a cave on the left mountainside. (2) Inside the cave, hanging above the chest with the first tome.

Icicle #3

Above the trail down in the canyon which you are supposed to cross.

Icicle #4

After you lowered the bridge over the canyon and pushed the sleigh down a slope, on the right side downwards, in a small cavity in the rocks (The cavity leads to the second tome.).

Icicle #5

In the event area where you have to collect the two missing cogs, behind the house at the far side.

Icicle #6

After pushing the sleigh through the back gate of the saw mill, at the wooden scaffolding.

Icicle #7

When pushing the sleigh over/next to the broken up bridge, hanging below it.

Icicle #8

Left of the road, up at the tree hanging from the lookout. Quite close to the broken bridge with the previous icicle.

Icicle #9

On the way leading to the final event area, on the right side at the building.

Icicle #10

After the final event and before reaching the portal at the end of the mission, on the left side outside at the ledge.

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  1. Well written, actionable advice, well thought out shots.

    Beacon people, after the Cog Wheel section, the path opens either immediately right down a snowy slope, or left through the wooden gate.


    You will need at least 2, if not more. Took me 5.
    The 2nd Grim seems to only appear in it’s location if the RIGHT path opens

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