Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Cataclysm Difficulty Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks to Cataclysm Difficulty

Focus on your defence

While on lesser difficulties, one could block attacks with just any weapon, on something as Quotation Mark Difficult Quiatoc Mark as cataclysm, one can only resort to shielded weapons to achieve the same effect. Dodging is highly inefficient, as it breaks your team’s phalanx formation. Selfishly leaving your teammates behind like that is sure to get you killed in this highly punishing, no-mistakes-allowed gamemode.

Why reds matter, unlike what some forum posters think

Here is a brain teaser: why would i want to play with a selfish player wasting everyone’s time on the Highest Difficulty who doesn’t even bother to have min-maxed stats with full read gear?

Having a full set of “Veteran” gear is essential to achieving consistency in high-pressure environments.

Team compositions & strategems

Having a dedicated revive speed&healshare character such as Zealot, your runs will stop failing to annoying gas-rattes and blyght-stormers.

The advantages of having Zealot in this role are obvious: The increased healing lets him get even more value out of healshare while revive speed combined with his passive “Iron Heart” lets him get essential revives off even in the face of danger.

I would highly advise your team both having a dedicated shielder, and the shielder being an Ironbreaker Dwarf. The reasons are so obvious for this that if you don’t get it by just hearing it, you never will.

Special pressure

Catclysm does not mess around. Maximum amount of specials in game is shot up to 60-70, which means you will need some form of ranged weaponry to succeed in cataclyms. This means that noobstomp careers like Grail Knight, Slayer and Coruscation Battle Wizard simply become redundant at the peak of difficulty. They simply do not offer enough to make up for their massive failings in the ranged department.

Boss Monsters Basic

The Boss mosnter in Vermintide 2 Hit the Hardest.

Advanced monster management

Shield attacks can block Monster Damage.


Take a very close look at your teammates’ frames. If they have a rare and incredibly skilled one, such as cata fortunes of war completion, you should always listen to them. Tell your teammates too so they all know who the leader is.

Written by Wallcroft


  1. But v2 is not hard, you’ve played enough engineer on champ to know this. You know that nat bond is better than barkskin; You are afraid, and it shows in your game play. You wish you had the donglez to use nat bond, but here comes the self doubt again. “What if I go down, and healing doesn’t give me green health” “what if my teammates don’t have any healing patches”
    anyway not bad guide

  2. The thing with this game is… First 100 hours you just spend grinding levels and better items. After that you basically have reached end game and get more familiar with cataclysm difficulty.
    Difficulty increase is just pure stat bloat so it doesn’t make game’s mechanics any more different. It’s just more punishing for mistakes and you need couple swings more to kill something.
    Gameplay itself is extremely repetitive.

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