Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Huntsman Challenge Build Guide

In the endgame, bored? Try this challenging build for Huntsman.

Guide to Huntsman Challenge Build


The concept of this build is simple. Play Huntsman and only get ranged kills. No melee kills allowed. You also need to get most kills, most specials and most elite kills at the end. Basically you need to carry with ranged only.

Impossible? Definitely not.

In fact I’d say it’s actually not that hard to do at all. The build plays itself for the most part, you have a gun, you shoot rats. The only adjustment you need to make is in your playstyle. That is what makes this hard. A lot of muscle memory things that people do are not going to work here. If youre one of those side dodge spammers… this might not be for you.

The Build


Lvl 25 talent shot crafter is the only mandatory talent. If you dont get it you wont be able to sustain the ammo without investing heavily into your career talent. So i guess you could skip this if you wanted a real challenge, but yea.
LVL 10 Keep it coming is recommneded, but not necessary. I started this using this build with One in the Eye. Keep it Coming allows you to go a lot harder tho, way more fun imo.

I use 3 1 3 2 1 2

Melee weapon

  • Literally doesnt matter. I use a white mace with a red skin for luls.

Ranged weapon

  • Repeater handgun.
  • Properties can vary, but +crit chance +power vs chaos, and +power vs armor are good ones. On legend it doesnt really matter that much, you need +20% vs chaos raiders (chaos and infantry) in order to 1 shot them with non-crit body shots. Get +20% vs chaos raiders on your weapon and charm, and everything else works itself out. On Cata it actually doesnt matter because raiders can no longer be reliably 1 shot. I recommend keeping power vs chaos and +crit on Legend and power vs chaos and power vs armor on cata.
  • Trait. You need scrounger.


  • Literally doesnt matter. Get w.e. Properties or traits you want.
  • Special note. Stamina is probably the best property, but not mandatory. Block cost reduction seems good but honestly if youre blocking that much to utilize this, youre already dead.


  • In combination with your ranged weapon you need +20% against chaos raiders for legend.


  • +crit chance probably best to maximize ammo regen.

That Is Pretty Much It

So yea… thats pretty much it. You can only use ranged weapon. I think repeater handgun is the only viable weapon although you could probably do it with bow. Bows are stupid tho and gun bois 4 lyfe.

  • Ranged only.
  • 0 melee kills (critters count).
  • Green circle on kills, specials, and elites.

Tips If You Want to Get Real Nerdy About It

Once you get the right properties/trains on the gun 1 shot every raider and 2 shot elites (on legend), it is ez. Even with mediocre aim and slow reactions im pretty sure you can still rek things. The playstyle changes are the hard part. Here are a few tips to help you succeed.


  • Positioning is the most important thing. Sometimes backlining is the safest, sometimes frontlining is. Sometimes neither is and the best location is off to the side where you have a good vantage as the enemies pile up on your team.
  • The best position is the spot you can do the most damage. This build has garbage survivability and its dps drops off if you get surrounded. Find a vantage point that lets you see the battlefield.
  • If you see it, you can shoot it. This is why the best position is variable. It’s about maximizing offense, not defense.
  • Dont let your enemies get close. If you get surrounded it is very difficult to get unstuck without using your melee weapon. Actually this is more of a point about shooting things. Shoot things faster.
  • Stay with your team. Even tho we are chasing green circles, this build is very difficult to solo with. You kinda need your team or youre dead. Infinitely true in cata.


  • Aim isnt that important. Headshots are not necessary at all. Just aim center mass. Headshots are only necessary if youre super low on ammo and need to conserve. On legend, literally never a problem. On cata, almost never a problem. If youre playing deeds/weeklies, it might be a problem depending on the mod.
  • Slow down in your mind. Maybe because the game focuses on melee, but people are so bad with ranged in this game. The first tip I can say is slow down. Its not that fast. Place each one of your shots. Make them count. There are 3 raiders, why are you emptying your whole clip? Even if it is a mob never “spam”. The difference between spam and shooting fast is mental.
  • How to avoid friendly fire. Assuming its not a positioning thing and its your team is being overwhelmed. This will take a little practice, but as your teammate dodges back and forth shoot forth and back in the opposite direction. Basically I aim to the side of my teammate, not necessarily at the enemy.
  • How to cover your teammates. This will come with practice but there is a phenomenon that as your team engages invariably some mob get staggered, this stagger strength is consistent (duh, the heroes’ weapons dont change mid map). This leads to a spot a meter/yard or so in front of them where enemies stack up after getting staggered. Shoot here.
  • Go ultra instinct (be fast) against specials. Killing specials is key to the build. If you cant kill specials, you will run out of ammo. The build goal to kill the most specials should be achieved without even trying. Practice will make you better.

When surrounded

  • Tbh if you are surrounded chances are you already screwed up somewhere else.
  • Shove shoot. This is the technique you want to use when in trouble. If mob is all on you, avoid shooting them. If you have to aim with large angle changes you’re gonna miss more than youd like, couple that with the sometimes bullsh*t hitboxes and yea… Shoving them shooting keeps them in front of you and makes it way more consistent.
  • Shove, dodge back, reload, and stand still. This is another critical technique. Master it. If you run, you = bad.
  • Dont panic. If you ever stand still and let a enemy hit you, you may be surprised how bad they are at hitting you. Seriously, take advantage of standing still.
  • Avoid using your career skill as a defensive tool. Its not great for this purpose. Use it to put fire downrange. If youre using it as a defensive tool, you shouldve used it sooner or you werent paying attention to the mob behind you. If you have to use it like this, use it to push out and clear a path. Standing in the middle of a horde shooting is absolutely atrocious. Refer to positioning, refer to shooting.
  • Tbh this part is just gonna take some practice. The biggest issue is you need to be more judicious with your movement and actions.

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