Warlander – General Tips to Have a Successful Game

This guide focuses on giving you tips on how you should play each rôle and how you should behave on the battlefield.

Tips and Tricks

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Castle Guard Tips

Game Start

Build Defences, you can see the progression on your map. An hollow icon means the turret is not yet built so run towards them and start building.

If enemies are pushing too fast during the building phase, abandon building unnatacked sides and defend the attacked sides.

If you finish buiding all the turrets while none of the sides are under attack you can join your team to help them push the ennemy base. Keep in mind that as a castle guard you should be the first team to redeploy.

Mid/Late Game

If you are attacking the enemy keep, watch your map as many times as possible to be able to react and redeploy to defend your towers or your keep.

When defending you should use canons to take down enemy siege weapons and use turrets to take down clerics or mages. Keep an eye on the backline and look for enemies trying to use the barrage skill, they are highly vulnerable as they can’t move during the call and have a movement delay on spell cancel.

Don’t forget to use the boiling oil, this utility tower is really useful when a door is attacked by melee characters as other turrets will not be able to target them.

Enemies are displayed on your map so don’t forget to watch it to reposition yourself properly.

Special Ops Tips

Game Start

If there is a catapult, you should build it. Controlling the catapult is a huge advantage for your team as the catapult can destroy a turret with 2 hits and will also destroy the turret socket making enemies unable to repair it. As you may have guessed, use the catapult to take down as many turrets for your team.

If there is no catapult, just capture towers with assault teams.

Mid/Late Game

Your rôle is to capture towers for your team to respawn, the more towers you own the stronger your team is as deploying behind the enemies will give you a tremendous advantage.

If the enemy team is controlling too many towers you can try to sneak behind them and capture undefended towers to give your team a chance to spawn behind the enemies.

Use your map to try to foresight an enemy attack on one of your towers. Then use your ability to redeploy to quickly defend the tower.

If you control all the towers, help the assault teams but watch you map as many time as possible to be able to redeploy to defend a tower.

Assault Tips

Game Start

This is the easiest start, pick a lane (knowing that if there is a catapult special ops team may chose the lane associated with it) and try to reach the enemy keep.

Mid/Late Game

Use your ability to redeploy to apply pressure on different sides.

If you own a catapult, attack the side attacked by it, the less turrets up easier the attack is.

Build siege weapons and drive them to the doors. Those are really powerful tools to destroy the first layers.

If you manage to get behind a door you can open it for your team. After that you can flank other sides and kill enemiy mages shooting from the wall, destroy other defenses and open others doors for your team.

Build ladders but keep in mind that using them is very risky as they can be destroyed easily and that you are vulnerable when climbing.

General Tips

Game Start

Use your buffs to boost your allies or participate to have a hp buff and an attack buff right at the start.
Be careful not to join any barrage during the boost phase.

Mid/Late Game

Don’t forget to redeploy, this is one of the most important feature of the game giving you the ability to reposition very guickly at any moment.

Use your map to watch your team progression and the enemy team progression. This will help you prevent enemies sneaking into your base and will help you spot enemy groups or hiding players.

Redeployment and map awarness is your team’s strongest weapon.

Use your buffs as much as possible, try to have people joining you to improve the effectiveness of your action.

Mind your allies and join them when they want to use a hp or attack buff if you don’t have one of them.

Also joining barrages is very important, the damage output and the aoe size is insane. When you hear “Archers” locate the barrage and join it as fast as possible (if the position is safe).

Have an eye on the game anouncments especially for enemies invades and cataclysms. Cataclysms are very important, defend your ally owning it or focus the enemy owning it. You should not let your enemy cast it (there is a red fog around him when he uses the skill).

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