Warlander – How to Get Out Melee Stuns

Please note: all credit goes to jey123456!

Tips to Get Out Melee Stuns


Thats mostly due to the desync of the gameserver.

There is also sometimes no Char and object Collison, or ShieldBlock gets bashed through with normal attacks.


The only way i found to “get out” of melee stun, is to survive the first 2 hit (assuming 1v1), then if your lucky and timing is on your side, you can hit the enemy once to melee stun him before he complete the longer 3rd hit, and then move out of range (dont try to do a 2nd hit, hell unstun and hit you before you complete it from the shorter melee stun that happen when your hit in the animation of the third hit).

If theres 2 melee hitting you, welp, your only hope is for a friend to come and bash them out or heal you to survive the combos.

Blocking in my experience is almost worthless in melee, most likely due to the desync issues. your better off hitting and running than hitting and blocking.

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