Wartales – How to Increase Happiness

Happiness Tips

Happiness increase:

  1. Keep 4 of your guys assigned to the fireplace in your camp = +4 happiness
  2. Perks i have seen 2 perks that can increase happiness = +1 happiness per perk
  3. Have enough food for the camp = +2 happiness until next camp
  4. Alcohol Bier and Wine consumed as ration increases happiness until the next camp

Comfort negative happiness looks like a -1 per Person in your Unit.

(Animals dont count here i think not 100% sure)

This allows me to have a Unit of 8 without moral problems. (without Alcohol)

But beware there is other stuff that can decrease happines:

  • Lost Battle (Retreat) -2
  • No Food (for Camp) -2 (effective -4 since you lose the +2)

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  1. 2 perks for +1 happiness, also put all your men to bonfire( +1 each), feed em well. But i constantly have -4 for comfort and dunno how to raise it…

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