Wartales – How to Make Multiple Save Slots for One Campaign

Wartales is a great game, but it’s an EA, after all, so bugs do occur. And with only one save slot said bugs can potentially break your walkthrough. Here’s how you can get a little insurance.

Guide to Make Multiple Save Slots

What to Do

  1. Go near town/big village, make a manual save.
  2. Enter said town/village. The game will make an autosave.
  3. Exit to menu, then load from the autosave file.
  4. Make a manual save again. The game will ask for a save name. Make a name different from what you already have.
  5. Done! The game will use that last save as per usual and every time you hit “Save” it will overwrite this slot. Sadly, you cannot rotate between save slots, but it still useful to make a milestone saves just in case.

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