Wartales – Infinity Paths Points (Only Co-op)

For this bug/glitch to work you have to be in the coop game! This trick doesn’t work in single player!

Guide to Infinity Paths Points

Step by Step Instructions


  1. Start coop game.
  2. Completed a path challenge (preferably one that earns a lot of points).
  3. Find a fight.


  • As soon as you see how many opponents are fighting you and you could start the fight, the real trick comes.
  • Teammate -> Ready -> opens the completed challenge.
  • Host -> Starts the fight as soon as the other player is ready.
  • Teammate will now press the completed challenge as many times as they want during the loading screen.

And now you didn’t just complete the challenge once, you completed it as many times as you could click and the host can also click along if he were able to open the challenges window fast enough!

But attention! Game may crash if you overdo it!

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

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