Wasteland 3 – Advice on How to Find Synths

Tips to Find Synths

You should encounter them naturally through the course of your journey. I mean the ones required for the quest at HQ. But killing them as required for that quest isn’t the only possible course of action in the story.

Either the visuals will give you a good clue. i.e. their character models don’t quite look human, or you will see emote-style messages giving you clues that if followed might reveal a synth (there are a few such text cues iirc other than synths).

I can offer general location tips if you’d like but that might spoil the emote puzzle or the weird text encounters and whatnot.

Bonus tip

When you are searching for the first synth in Colotado Springs museum you are hearing some noises when approaching the synth. You will hear the same noises near other synths from Wolf’s quest.

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