Watch Me Jump – 100% Achievement Walkthrough

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Achievements count – 9
  • Time to 100% – 1.5 hours
  • Missable achievements count – 4
  • Buggy achievements – No

There is no steam cloud. You can find your saves here:

  • C:\Users{UserName}\AppData\Local\Watch_Me_Jump_Steam.

Game creates savefile after finishing each dialogue and deletes previous one.


  1. Interact with elevator 5+ times in a row in prologue without leaving the screen. It will trigger hidden ending.

A Winner Is You!

  • Found the Role Model Ending
  1. Start new game. Go to the bar and talk to bartender, then with the women to the right.


  • Completed the Prologue
  1. More talking. After dialogue talk with the man until he leaves. Use window 10+ times in a row after speaking with manager in Quarter 1 (he will leave the room and it opens interaction with window). After that, use laptop, tv, bed, bathroom and finally duck painting. After dialogue you will get this achievement.

Nice to Meet You

  • Found the Author’s Note
  1. Use laptop and choose anything. It will end 1st chapter.

The Secret’s Out

  • Completed Quarter One
  1. Keep your eye on choices when you decide how to throw the ball into basket. Press F4 to switch into windowed mode and close the game with cross in the right upper corner to avoid saving with wrong choices.


  • Aim for the backboard (1st).
  • Shoot higher (2nd).
  • Just throw it (3rd).

To get

Three for Three

  • Made All Three Baskets

Right after getting this achievement close the game and it will start chapter 2 again. This time choose anything except choices mentioned above to get

Airrrr Balllllll

  • Missed All Three Baskets

Then continue normally, more dialogues…

Offer on the Table

  • Completed Quarter Two
  1. Go to the fitness club below In chapter 3 and use dumbbells by the window. And, of course, more dialogues will happen in this chapter.


  • Completed Quarter Three
  1. Go through dialogues and enjoy another 100% game.

The Road Ahead

  • Completed the Game

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