Way of the Hunter – How to Start New Game / Reset Progress

If you see only the “Continue” option is available after you start a new game and want to reset your game, there is a way to start fresh. Read below.

Guide to Start New Game / Reset Progress


  1. Go to:
    Users -> Your user -> AppData (hidden folder) -> Local -> WayOfTheHunter -> Saved
  2. Delete the “SaveGames” folder in it.
  3. Start the game again.
  4. It should be a fresh start with all your config option still running.
  5. Enjoy!
Written by Siormax


    • Hello, I think the the saved data from Steam like cloud date is loading which is preventing the game to start new. Somehow got to stop that syncing. I think for that to happened. You need to start the game offline then after you start the game. Then re-enable to network for it to remain a new game.

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