Wayfinder – Eventide Missable Items

Guide to Eventide Missable Items

Trading with Plunderfool:

  • Plunderfool | Spray (I had it trading the default Plunderfool Cache).
  • Patchwork Fool | Trinket (I had it trading the Food).
  • Dubious deep-fried delight | Consumable Food (Trading the Food).
  • Wistful Breeze | Consumable (Trading the Drink).

Quest Related:

Avala Crocheted Fox (House deco) – Avala eventide questline


Make sure to switch away from ALL tab in the Raelle store to see additional items!

  • ~800 rubies total needed to buy out shop.

The ice cube in eventide drops the ice cube (you don’t have to buy it in the shop).

Limited Time Echoes:

  • Icy Turtlesaur
  • Abominus
  • Plunderfool
  • Winter Queen (Boss)
  • Winter spawn Hunter

Unique Echoes:

(You can find them again if you luck out and join someone lobby who’s doing the quest)

  • The Cook master (Spawns Once during Foreman Ruby Eventide quest).
  • Glacial Gobbler (Spawns Once during Bitter’s Quest. We are testing if it spawns also with Frostbomb imbue).

Accessory Drops:

  • Winter Queen drops an epic set. Sphere 4 drops level 30.
  • Eventide also has a unique rare set. Sphere 4 drops level 30.

I hope you found this helpful!

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  1. Anyone have issues with not getting the pet rewarded? I found all six things while in a party with a friend. He got the reward, I did not. He said they did a little animation each time he interacted with them. Mine just disappeared

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