Wayfinder – How to Defeat Broodmother Fast

Beating Broodmother in Under a Minute

Some are aimed at Niss, but most are either directly applicable or similar on other characters.

Buff Management

First, grab your Innervation orb, and pop your potions; simple as. Personally I use Arcanist Tears and Windhowler; extra hits, and extra crits, complementing each other nicely.

Next, Echos. I use Dread Legion and The First, both provide excellent boosts to damage, and both are easily controlled. More about these later.

Niss’ passive is the most variable (ap on dodge), as with the wrong setup you could completely lose it before damage phase begins. To avoid this, we move onto the next category.

Enemy Placement

This is two pronged, managing the boss, and managing the adds; For both I recommend herding her into a corner with your back to the wall.

This has a few benefits; it naturally clumps the enemies behind her, making their path towards you much more difficult, and makes them easier for you to dispatch when the time comes. It also body blocks her into a favorable position, making her less likely to jump back, due to proximity to the wall(?).

Now, without having to worry about adds, you can focus on the boss. The goal here is to remain in stabbing range, right up in her face. This lets you build dodge stacks, and limits her move set.

Break / Damage

The details will vary from build to build, as will weapon of choice, but the goal is to balance your attack and break power in such a fashion that you break our spidery friend at the peak of your combo meter, and before she reaches 35k HP (~90% hp for other spheres).

Once she’s broken, activate your echos and dash through her, aiming for the adds clumped behind her. Adds will take your umbral aura stacks, so they must be cleared before you can dodge for aura damage.

That about wraps it up. Good luck, and good hunting!

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