We Who Are About To Die – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What other features are coming?

  • Check out the roadmap in the ingame main menu.
  • Things such as more backstories, more battle traits, more arenas, controller support, sandbox mode, achievements and more are all planned!

Multiplayer when?

  • WWAATD is completely made by one person (me) and multiplayer was just too much extra work and complexity for a realtime physics based game with complex inputs. That said, I have always been open to the idea of attempting a multiplayer version if the game is popular enough and I have enough budget to hire additional help. If you really want multiplayer, the best thing to do is share the game around! No guarantees, of course.

Can I playtest this game?

  • Testing is currently closed but every now and then I need a new wave for testing the full game. Please join and hang out in the discord for that!

What will it cost?

  • The current planned price is around 20 USD.

I’m struggling with the mechanics, how do I …?

  • As you may be aware the game has quite unusual mechanics and you need a lot of training. Definitely go back to the tutorial and see if you missed anything. You can also watch this video where I explain the mechanics:
  • The next thing is to just practice and try to improve and experiment with the fluid combat system.

Did you really develop the game by yourself?

  • No project of this magnitude is done alone, I’ve had enormous support from the community and from my friends and family. In addition to my own, the game also features fantastic music from 3 different composers who donated their music to the game. Besides that roughly 90-95% of the game is handcrafted over roughly 7 years time.
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