Weed Shop 3 – Hidden Achievement Guide

I will be explaining how to get the hidden achievements in Weed Shop 3.

How to Obtain Secret Achievements

Sea, Man!

  • Ride the dolphin in the dolphin mini-game along the shore.

Flute Virtuoso

  • Smoke out of a dildo.

Balls Deep

  • Kick two volleyballs into the ocean.

Naughty Stoner

  • I believe that you enter the gentlemen’s club, if that is correct this achievement is not working right now. I will update this when the achievement is fixed.


  1. For “Balls Deep” I had to kick the two volleyballs that were close to the volleyball net into the ocean

    also “Hobo Life” is now a hidden achievement (I slept the night in a tent and got it)

  2. For Balls Deep you have to kick 100 balls into the ocean.
    For Hobo Life you have to spend 20 Minutes in a tent.
    For Life’s A Beach you have to spend 2 hours sitting at the beach. There are some chairs near your shop. Lying on the towel doesn’t count.
    You don’t have to these in one session.

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