Weird West – Moon Hunter Achievement Guide

This short guide explains how to create a secret ritual let everyone being a werewolf.

How to Obtain Moon Hunter Achievement

Moon Hunter

  • Turn a Bounty Hunter into a Werewolf

You will need to have:

  1. Wolfsbane Clippings (just one)
  2. A Silver Knife
  3. A human in your posse (any)

There’s a cave called “Wolsbane Hole” which has the wolfsbane guaranteed (located in desert area for me), silver knives can be bought in shops and found in chests, but they’re random. And wolves often spawn around “Dagger n Bone Camp” locations, or found randomly whenever you camp while travelling. Just press the pause button, and “loiter” to pass time to night, then kill the wolf with the silver knife, the human who has the wolfsbane in their inventory will turn into a werewolf.

Do note, the silver knife needed for the transformation is different from the knife which you can upgrade to silver rank.

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