What Comes After – 100% Full Achievement Guide

So aiming to give a text based guide on how to gain the achievements in this game. This is a beautiful game of acceptance, self-reflection and finding growth through conversations with others.

You will not be able to get all of them in one run and do not worry if they don’t pop until you close the game at the end of your play through. Do not worry if you miss one it is a short play and easy to play again.

How to Obtain All Achievements

The Last Train

  • Get on the last train home.

Start a new game and watch the opening cinematic about Vivi being late for the last train (You should get this no matter which play through).


  • Interact with all passengers on board the train.

Trick for this one will be to travel all the way to the far left of the train and listen to each passenger on the way back to your seat. Then all the way to the right and repeat.

You will not be able to click on them in this. It is a case of standing next to them till their text boxes roll through and disappear. Note the completion of the boxes will reset if you go past them a second time

The Very Last Train

  • Get onto the very last train.

By sitting down on the seat in the train Vivi will fall asleep and wake up on the very last train.

Note: This can be done even if you haven’t finished listening to all of the passengers conversations.

Oh Baby

  • Speak to the Baby

You can travel through the three carriages on the right and speak directly to the baby.

Follow steps below to get the ghost whisperer achievement enroute.

Ghost Whisperer

  • Speak to all the ghosts on the train.

Step wise approach to speaking to all the ghosts.

  • Travel through the door into the car on the right and speak to the conductor.
  • After talking with her you will be able to speak to the other ghosts and hear their stories.
  • Speak to all 5 of the ghosts in this carriage.
  • Keep moving right and speak to the 9 ghosts in this next carriage.
  • Keep moving right and you will be in the dining room car where you can speak to another 5 ghosts.
  • The next car will have the last human ghost after speaking to her you can also speak to the baby.
  • The baby is a key conversation and will be longer and more unusual than the last. After talking with the baby, we are moving on to the second half of their train the conversations with animals.
  • Talk to the owl, cat, dog, monkey, kitten and sleeping dog in this car.
  • Keep moving right into the next carriage, which looks like a thicket, and chat with all its inhabitants – Tiny sprout, mushrooms on a stump, tree, deer and flower.
  • The next carriage to the right is the same and you need to talk again with all its unusual passengers – another trinity of mushrooms, a giraffe, an exotic plant and an elephant.

Wisdom Comes with Age

  • Speak to the Ancient Tree at the far end of the last carriage.

Keep moving right past the elephant and you will find a swing. By sitting on the swing you will start the conversation with an old tree onboard the train and gain some wisdom.

Love Knows No Bounds

  • Show your affection to all of the animals on the train

After having the initial conversation with the animals on the train you are able to click to interact with them a second time. With this interaction you will be able to pet some of the animals to give them comfort.

You need to have second interactions with

  • Elephant
  • Sleeping Dog
  • Kitten
  • Cat
  • Dog

A Meal to Remember

  • Talk to the chef

After speaking to the Ancient Tree, make your way back into the dining car and there will be a new person to interact with standing behind the bar. This is the chef.

By having a conversation with the chef you will be able to see some of Vivi’s memories and see a different side to food.

Nine Lives Aren’t Enough

  • Speak to the Cat

Having completed all your other conversations keep heading back to the left to the seat you originally woke up in.

By sitting back on the seat to think about what you learned you will be visited by the cat.

Listen to her story and you will gain this achievement.

Life is Worth Living

  • The Good ending

Vivi will wake up back in the human world, have a conversation with the head of the station you should recognise her.

You need to wait for the cut scene to finish where Vivi finds the kittens.

After the credits, they will show a final picture of the happy ending.

I’m Afraid of Ghosts

  • The Bad ending

You will need to start a new game to be able to gain this achievement.

Follow the same steps of finding a seat on the living train and going to sleep. Once on the last train with the ghosts speak to the conductor about the options. She will give you the option to go and sit on your seat until the journey is finished.

  • Head back to the left and sit down on your seat to go to sleep.
  • Don’t move for 5 minutes!

You will wake up again in the real world but with no further conversations, Vivi will hurry home and there will be no further scenes.


This is a gorgeous game and whilst short has a powerful message that will resonate with everyone deeply for different reasons. For those of you who (like myself) enjoy seeing all areas or getting the achievements I hope this makes it easier for you to know what to do.

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