Wildfrost – Daily Voyage Guide

Guide to Daily Voyages

Daily Scoring

  1. For every second you beat 60 minutes by, you get 1 point.
  2. For winning all 8 battles, you get 700 points.
  3. You also get points for every bling you earned, regardless of whether you spent it or not.

To get a high score, you have to play both quickly and correctly.

The 60-Minute Timer

For every second you beat 60 minutes by, you get 1 point. For example, if your time is 00:59:50 (beating 60 minutes by 10 seconds), you’d get 10 points. If your time was 00:59:00, you’d get 60 points. If your time was 00:50:00, you’d get 600 points. The best winning times I’ve seen range from 20 minutes (2400 points) to 30 minutes (1800 points). I’m not as good as these players, so I’m satisfied if I can get a time under 60 minutes.

Don’t forget that you can also pause the timer. I have not investigated the specifics of how pausing the timer works with the various pausing options, but at a minimum remember that you can quit to the title screen to take a break and the timer will be suspended.

Note a trick for saving your butt if you make a mistake while playing quickly: you can force-quit out of the game to avoid “losing”. On Switch, this would be pressing the “home” button and selecting “change user” before the death animation for your leader finishes. This is obviously cheating, and dishonorable, but useful for learning the game and being able to finish runs that you’d lose to a dumb mistake.

The 8 Battles

In each game of Wildfrost there are 8 battles, plus a 9th battle if you go for the secret ending. However, in Dailys mode, the secret ending is inaccessible, so this is irrelevant.

  • 1-1: Big Peng, or Snow Knight
  • 1-2: Veiled Lady, Ringer, Queen Globerry, or Bumbo
  • Boss-1: Bamboozle, or Infernoko
  • 2-1: Bolgo, King Moko, or Muttonhead
  • 2-2: Maw Jaw, or Bigloo
  • Boss-2: Krunker, or Truffle
  • 3-1: Numskull, or Razor
  • Boss-2: Frost Guardian

Frost Guardian

In Dailys mode, the Frost Guardian is never a player-generated variant, so the boss is more static and predictable than in a normal game.

The “Soulbound Skulls Trick” is particularly useful in this battle because you can use it to skip the first phase of the fight. To do this, you need to have the Soulbound Skulls card and 2 crowns. Put one crown on the Soulbound Skulls card, and another crown on a companion or a card that generates a companion. During the crown turn, first play the ally you will sacrifice, then play Soulbound Skulls on the boss, THEN play your leader. This ensures your leader won’t randomly receive the soulbound status. During the battle, kill the ally and the boss will die as well, taking you into the 2nd phase of the fight.

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