Wildfrost – How to Get an Item if You Are Lacking a Bit of Money

I just found this out!

How to Get an Item

If you are missing a few coins (blings) you can just keep pressing on the card you want to buy in the shop and they will give it to you for the remainder of you money if you are close enough to the amount.

Eg: Card costs 55 coins but you only have 50 if you just keep pressing on it they will discount it to 50.

P.S. It doesn’t always work but it does sometimes.

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  1. Only works when is 1 coin less. If the item cost 50 and you have 49 she sells you the stuff, but doesn’t works with 48, needs to be only 1 coin of difference.

    (I already tried many times with a difference of +2 coins).

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