Wizard of Legend – Season Structure Explanatory Guide

Season Structure Explained


Each season will consist of a set number of weeks and divided into a set number periods. Players can participate in 1 Ranked Session per week with each session lasting 2 hours as well as scheduled Tournaments and events. Season 3 introduces a freeform ranking structure. This allows players of different availability to play ranked on their schedule. Essentially Every player will play every other player once per week. So logging in for casual games and seeing an opponent who you haven’t faced yet for the week’s sessions, one of those matches must be ranked and follow the ranked match structure detailed below.

Best efforts will be made to conclude both the tournament and ranked season within a reasonable amount of time of each other.

Tournament Rules may vary and will be provided in the corresponding Channel.

Ranked Play Structure and Rules

All players will start with a ranked score of 500.

Ranked Matches will be counted as best of 5 with the first player reaching 3 victories being declared the winner.

The wins and losses will be tracked and updated by an official. Players are welcome to keep their own records.

The outcomes of each match will be uploaded into the ELO Calculator, with its Kfactor set at 32. The calculator can be found here.

Best efforts will be made to ensure that each player can have an equal number of ranked matches played throughout the season, but this cannot be guaranteed.

If multiple hosts are used, best efforts must be made by all players to make fair and equal rotations of matches and the responsibility of recording and delivering the results of those matches falls on the participating players.

Season 3 will use an arena ban format to determine where the ranked matches will be played.

A “coin” will be tossed and the winner will decide if they want to ban first or second. 

Players will take turns banning arenas until one remains and their match will take place there.

No Coaching. Players cannot receive outside advice via additional voice chats or from “the crowd” via voice chat rooms or text chat rooms.

Spectators are permitted and welcomed. When spectating please mute your mic and refrain from interacting with players via Voice chat. A text channel will be set up for Spectators to interact with each other, the officials and the players.

When multiple games are running players are free to mute whomever they please or request to play in a separate voice chat server. 

Only neutral robes may be worn. Hope, Patience, Spirit, Avarice, Fury (except in water arena) as well as shadow versions of each (with the fury exception applying).

Grudge Matches

Players may call out one Grudge Match per week (“weeks” will start Sunday 12:00AM and End Sunday 11:59PM EST) on a player of their choosing by making an announcement in the general chat and pinging the name of that player.

Players who are called out may decline the challenge but at a cost of 1% of their total points.

If a player’s grudge is declined he/she may call another but may not call that same player out for the remainder of the season.

A Player must have a point total higher than 0 to initiate a grudge.

A player may not play more than one grudge match Vs the same player in the same capacity in the same period. Ie. Player A challenges Player B. Player A may no longer challenge Player B, but Player B may challenge Player A in the given time frame. 

The season will be divided in 2 ”periods” and these restrictions will be reset at the start of the new period. Allowing a player to occupy the same grudge capacity 2 times this season.

Grudge matches are no less than best of 7 (Bo7) and no more than Best of 9 (Bo9). 

Players can only call a grudge on a player who holds an equal or higher rank.

If the challenger wins the grudge match, they are awarded 3 wins vs. their opponent If the Challenged player wins, they will be awarded 5 wins against their opponent In order to make optimal decisions Players can get a Grudge Calculation which will show the results of a win or a loss. To obtain this calculation they may ask an official publicly or privately.

A player may not have more than one grudge outstanding at a time, as either a challenger or the challenged.

A challenged player has 48 hours to either accept or decline a grudge match challenge failure to respond may result in a -1.5% of their ranked score point penalty.

Once a challenge is accepted, the challenged party has the right to create a rule set, the challenger then may attempt to add, subtract or alter that rule set.

 Both players have 48 hours to come to an agreement on this rule set. If no agreement can be reached both players may incur a 1.5% penalty for delay of game.

Players must make best efforts to come to an agreement. If a player fails/refuses or hinders the negotiation/scheduling of a match that player could be penalized 1.5% of their ranked scores. The League will use chat logs in an effort to identify the withholding party in order to avoid unjustly penalizing a non offending player. The league also will have the right to restrict or refuse future matches involving the offending player. 

Once negotiated and agreed upon the players involved cannot backout. Forfeiture from either player will result in a loss of points equal to the points at stake and an award of half of them to the remaining player.

Players have 1 week to play their grudge match, if after 1 week of best efforts the match is still outstanding either player can either back out of the grudge for no penalty or ask for a 1 week extension. If the match is still outstanding at the end of the extension period it will be canceled by a TD.

Once a rule set is “shaken on” it can not be changed or edited in any way. Any rule outside of the agreed upon ruleset will be considered a “gentleman’s agreement” and will be up to the players to honor and will not be the responsibility of the TD to enforce.

 Rescheduling will be allowed for IRL obligations.

 If a negotiation involves one or more council members, a proxy may be called to assist in to help alter or approve the grudge match rule set

Grudges, as with any matches involving point gains or transfers, must be overseen by an official or a designated proxy or witness. 

Grudges may include Non WoL games as a way for deciding on certain features of the grudge (input, ruleset, build order etc.) but the point, relic, title or other transfer must be decided exclusively by the results of a WoL match.

IRL Interruptions

if a player must leave a match that has started due to an IRL interruption, the remaining player is entitled to at most 2 warm up matches vs. the final build before the interruption. These warm up matches are to take place at the time of the bout’s resumption and do not count towards the grudge match point total


Ban lists evolve as needed. 

Unless specifically stated otherwise the season’s  ban list spans across all matches involving points or relics. 

Etiquette dictates that casual matches use the most recent ban lost, but this is not mandatory. 

Any rules which are relevant but not mentioned here will default to the standard rule set used and honored by the league in either past instances or written rule documents found in this server.

No collusion. No farming, No throwing matches, every player is expected to play at their best at all times. Any attempts to transfer points from one player to another through any means other than best efforts combat will result in a disqualification from the season for the players involved

One wizard per player per season and one player per wizard per season. 

No Smurf, alternate or duplicate accounts will be allowed in points matches. There may be instances where players wish to use an alias account for “storyline” purposes. These “mythical” entities are not eligible for ranked or tournament play and will be considered for entertainment purposes only. 

Exploits Glitches

All players should be familiar with the rules and be sure to make any questions or concerns known. If a rule has a clear exploit due to oversight or it is created inadvertently through new developments in gameplay mechanics or otherwise, all players have a responsibility to bring these up at the time of discovery.

Winners / Titles

The League will acknowledge and give credit for all titles a player receives throughout the season. Each of the below listed categories will have its own independent column on the season’s leaderboard and will have no impact on the other. The 4 titles which will be awarded starting season 3:

  • Tournament winner: Player with the most points earned Via Tournament placements.
  • Grudge points Winner: Player with the most points earned in Grudge Matches.
  • Ranked points Winner:  player with the most points obtained through ranked match play
  • Overall Points Winner: player with the highest cumulative point total (ranked+grudge+tournament points).

Changes / Updates to the Rules

Though it is not the goal of the league or council to create or change rules in the middle of a season. Due to the dynamic structure of the league, there may be times where an event is “seen for the first time” if this event is a clear oversight at the time of development of the rules, this oversight will be discussed publicly or privately by the council and or any relevant parties and may cause a rule to be altered or created. The alteration or addition of rules is to maintain a fair and balanced environment and to eliminate exploits and loopholes that may benefit or hurt a player unjustly. As with glitches and bugs players are urged to present these loopholes or potential exploits to the league for examination at the time of discovery. 

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