Wizard of Legend – Tournament Edition Users Guide

Important note: Anyone running the Tournament Edition Mod. If you are hosting a game, you must minimize the BePin window otherwise your guest will not be able to input.

Guide for Tournament Edition Users

New arenas Dorm and Domicile

Dorm (Contestant Assault)

 Upon entering the Dorm you are placed in “the Contestant Assault”. The Contestant Assault puts you against 6 “Contestants”, an unused enemy in the game files brought back to life. with different sets of arcana, these contestants will evade, brute force and position you in a way that closely resembles a live player rather than an in-game boss. The challenge is near the higher end of the difficulty range. If you win, you unlock two additional robes.

Domicile (Ultra Council Challenge)

Home to  the “Ultra Council Challenge”. The UCC consists of fighting Atlas, Freiya, Shuu and Zeal all at once! This is one of the hardest challenges in the game. If you win, you unlock two additional robes.

Both of these challenges can be attempted with any arcana, relic, or robe. To play on these arenas for standard PvP you must toggle off “Special Effects” (discussed later). 

Relics and Robes

Tournament Edition allows players to use relics in PvP. Mimi has been put in the center of the PvP hub. Cursed relics are also added to Mimi.

Custom robes have been added to Ward. All but four of the tournament edition robes are non-buffed; this is to give players a choice of fashion without having a buff applied, like with Tempo or Shift. The four robes with stat changes are earned by defeating the “Contestant Assault” and the “Ultra Council Challenge ”. All robes must be bought from Saville in the main plaza, and your gems will automatically be set to 999 whenever you load into a new area. On the off-chance you have a mod that increases the maximum gem count, the gem count will be set to that instead.


Certain Tokens have effects in the arena now. 

Token of Doom will remove every arcana except for your dash, only allowing you to pick up and use standard arcana.

Token of Luck will give you a random build for every round. Enjoy, and good luck.

Token of Wealth will give you two random arcana to fill your fifth and sixth slots. This is to allow for a full loadout from the start of a match without impacting your chosen build.

Token of Elegance will enhance your robe. 

The Insignia of Legend will allow chaos arcana to spawn in the arena. A normal arcana has a 25% chance to be replaced by a random chaos arcana.

Special Effects (barrels and trees)

Special effects are activated with barrels and trees around the PVP hub. Each destructible, when close to it, will display at the top of the screen what it does in case you forget.

The first barrel toggles mono elemental drops, based on your basic arcana. When activated, only arcana of the same element as the player’s (both players are accounted for) basics will spawn, unless it’s chaos (unless you’re holding the insignia.) This is to allow for more casual matches with Neve’s gems as chosen relics.

The second barrel will disable robe effects, just removing any effect added via robe. This works for both players; you cannot enable it for only one player.

The third barrel will spawn two bosses at the start of every round, dropping health orbs and relics occasionally when defeated.

The fourth barrel will make rounds first to three wins, or best of 5. 

The fifth barrel keeps the arcana you have in between rounds, but not after each individual game.

 The sixth barrel will disable the arena’s hazards, like the fire arena fire walls, or the wind arena tornado traps.

The tree on the left disables spell drops.

The tree on the right disables special effects. This means the special gimmick of any given stage has been turned off (i.e. high damage, only enhanced drops, etc).

Custom Robe Integration

Recently, features have been implemented that allow you (or anyone) to design and add your own robe to Tournament Edition. With the mod’s download, an empty folder named “Custom Robes” is put in your plugins folder. In here, you can put downloaded ‘.robe’ files. Once in this folder, the robe will appear in-game.

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