Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A guide for obtaining all achievements in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Missable achievements: No
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Co-op / Online Achievements: 2
  • Difficulty required for 100%: No
  • Time to 100%: 50 to 100 hours

Note: This is a completely handwritten guide. Any item / collectable you need can be found by using CTRL + F and entering what you’re looking for in the text box.

Story Achievements

Journey’s Beginning

  • Awaken from the sleep of death at the sound of the Blindfolded Boy’s voice

Story related, cannot be missed.

Vow of the Stalwart

  • Swear an oath with Zhao Yun

Story related, cannot be missed.

Will of the Loyal

  • Swear an oath with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei

Story related, cannot be missed.

Ambition of the Tiger

  • Swear an oath with Sun Jian

Story related, cannot be missed.

Guardian of Peace

  • Swear an oath with Zuo Ci

Story related, cannot be missed.

Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero

  • Swear an oath with Cao Cao

Story related, cannot be missed.

Mightiest of Men

  • Repel Lu Bu’s forces

Story related, cannot be missed.

Guidance of the Constellations

  • Swear an oath with Lady Zhen

Story related, cannot be missed.


  • Swear an oath with Sun Ce and Sun Quan

Story related, cannot be missed.

Familial Ties

  • Swear an oath with Hong Jing

Story related, cannot be missed.

The Steadfast Duo

  • Swear an oath with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan

Story related, cannot be missed.

Fearless Warrior

  • Swear an oath with Zhang Liao

Story related, cannot be missed.

Entrusted Legacy

  • Swear an oath with Lu Bu

Story related, cannot be missed.

Aspiration and Amity

  • Swear an oath with Liu Bei

Story related, cannot be missed.

Dreams of Unity

  • Swear an oath with Yuan Shao

Story related, cannot be missed.

Annihilator of Evil

  • Defeat Yu Ji

Story related, cannot be missed.

Open Eyes

  • Hear the Blindfolded Boy’s decision

Story related, cannot be missed.

Combat / Upgrade Achievements

At Fifteen I Joined the Army

  • Reach Level 15

Reach Level 15.

Only at Eighty Did I Finally Return

  • Reached Level 80

Reached Level 80.


  • Dominate 15 sub battlefields

Complete 15 side zones throughout the game.

Hunting the Great Deer

  • Dominate all main and sub battlefields

Complete all main and side missions.


  • Upgrade your first piece of equipment

You’ll encounter a friendly npc after the first boss in zone 2 just past the Battle Flag. Speak to her a few times and she will give you the option to upgrade equipment.


  • Upgraded a weapon to its fullest capacity

Upgraded a weapon to its fullest capacity.


  • Upgraded a piece of armor to its fullest capacity

Upgraded a piece of armor to its fullest capacity.

All That Glitters

  • Embedded your first jewel at the Forge

At the Wandering Blacksmith, embed your first jewel.

Decor Maketh the Man

  • Decorated your first item at the Forge

At the Wandering Blacksmith, decorate your first item.

Wizardry Beginner

  • Learned your first Wizardry Spell

At any Battle Flag, level up to 5 and then purchase your first spell.

Wizardry Master

  • Learned all Wizardry Spells

Level up enough to purchase all spells.

First Phase

  • Interacted with the Five Phases for the first time



  • Raised Morale Rank to 20 for the first time

In any mission, raise Morale to level 20 by defeating enemies without dying or getting hit.

Fantastic Form

  • Equipped a full 4★ set consisting of: melee weapon, ranged weapon, accessory, and 4 armor pieces

While playing, you’ll get items with the 4★ rank, equip them in each slot.

Pots and Potions

  • Upgraded the Dragon’s Cure Pot to its greatest capacity and effectiveness

Dragon Vein Crystal 1 – Mission 2 “Two Chivalrous Heroes”, after the monkey boss. Continue past the blacksmith and the crystal will be along the main path in a small room past the open area with a few enemies.

Dragon Vein Essence 1 – After Mission 2, go to a Battle Flag and start the sub mission “The Yellow Heaven Burns”. You’ll backtrack through the same area. The Essence will be outside the Monkey boss arena in the item box.

Sharp Reflexes

  • Successfully deflected 10 critical blows

Parry the powerful hits when enemies turn red.

Vulnerable Moments

  • Landed 50 Fatal Strikes

After breaking an enemies guard, perform a critical hit by walking up to them and pressing the heavy attack button.

Side by Side

  • Dominated 10 battlefields with a companion

Complete 10 missions with a companion.

Eye for an Eye

  • Fended off invaders 10 times

Defeat 10 enemy players.

Righteous Judgment

  • Exacted vengeance 10 times

Kill the enemy that killed you.

Collection Achievements


  • Collect all tablets

How Cute!

  • Feed your first ♥♥♥

How Precious!

  • Feed all of the ♥♥♥

Misc Achievements

Merit beyond Measure

  • Received a sworn brothers’ boon for the first time

Great Gatherings

  • Joined forces with all available warriors

Best Flag Forward

  • Raised your first Battle Flag

In any zone, raise a Battle Flag.

Fly It High

  • Raised all Battle Flags

In all zones, raise all Battle Flags.

Call to Arms

  • Used 10 Tiger Seals


  • Give a certain someone the maximum amount of Golden Cicada Shells

Mission Specific Achievements

Heroes Will Rise

  • Repel Xielong in “Centuries of Glory Burned Away.”

Staunching Heresy

  • Defeat all Warlocks performing the ritual in “The Valley of Crying Wraiths.”

Dogged Justice

  • Save the captured Hermits in “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.”

Strung Bow

  • Defeat 5 foes with a ballista in “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass.”


Wo Long

  • Unlock all achievements

Unlock all achievements.



  1. Dogged Justice – Near battle flag in the swamp area (left when you look at it from swamp), you can pick up key item that opens all cells in the map. Go back up to the first battle flag in the area, go left (not to corridor with big drop), take the stairs down. Open cell with NPC (a dialog will popup with some moaning sounds) and enter it, achievement should pop.

  2. Great Gatherings – there a 16 Companions to summon. finish the game, start ng+ and summon everyone u dont have summond.

    NP i finished the game now, took me nearly 25h

  3. Strung Bow ist selfexplaining, there r several Balistas on this map, shoot 5 dudes and its done.

  4. Heros will Rise – Xielong is a Dragon that spawns on a little tower in the middle of the map, cant oversee him. All u have to do is to shoot him until he flies away.

  5. Cakio, KKW, Hweetie
    I was thinking there aren’t any online achievements. So if npc invaders work, I imagine npc summons work too. Are these available offline?

    • I want to edit my previous comment a bit and just say that Powerpyx said that NPC invaders work and you can grind it out on one mission if you want. I can’t personally confirm it yet.

      However, I can 100% confirm that NPC summons work. I do have that.

    • Ok, I can confirm that NPC invasions count. You don’t need to engage with the online system for 100% achievements.

  6. The invasion achievement doesn’t need to be enemy players, it works with NPC invaders too. You can grind out one mission if you want, but it should unlock naturally as you play the game.

  7. for the 5 phases i neutralised a lightning birds lightning in stage 3 using pillars of earth at least i think thats what happened

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