Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Beat First Boss

First Boss Tips

How to Beat

His first phase is easy to stunlock; just run up and spam quick attacks, use your Spirit Attack when your blue bar is full.

His second phase has very similar attack timings to his first, and you’ll only need to deflect 3 or 4 of his attacks between mashing attacks to close off the fight.

If you really struggle with the timing, you could come into a fight with the mindset of: “I’m not here to win, I’m just learning deflects this time”.

After a few rounds with that mindset, you’ll be prepared.

Easier said than done but when you DO get used to the fight, it’s over in about a minute.


  1. I did exactly that. Came in with the mindset that I was just practicing and I beat him finally!

  2. I’m horribly stuck on this boss. I was garbage in Sekiro due to parry timing as well, so a similar block for me here, probably. If I have to give up on this game I’ll be sad. Weird, as I find all the Dark Souls games not hard at all, you can at least beat them without any specific timed requirements for bosses. I’ll keep trying. But as a tutorial boss, this dude is the worst; it’s off putting and some folks might bounce off the game. I did complete the first demo so … idk.

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