Wobbledogs – How to Preform Necromancy

This is a real way to clone/necromance your dogs. Also everything in this guide was from independent in-game research.

Guide to Preform Necromancy

Effects of Necromancy

So there are some effects of preforming these instructions, not like “the undead dog’ll kill your dogs!”, no, just some effects that can be fixed in a heartbeat (well, kinda).

The only 2 things that change are:

  1. Name
  2. Nothing

Age stays the same, (i think) flora stays the same, nothing odd happens besides the name change.

How to Actually Do It

This method uses the import and export functions, used to create wobbleshops.

So anyways, heres the steps:

Warning: must be done before the desired dog’s death, cannot preform afterwards.

1. Click the home button thing.
2. Click on the dog you wanna necromance.
3-4. Click import and copy.
5-6. Click export and paste.
7. Put them in a world.

Before you go, i need to tell you about sanctuaries.

What is a sanctuary?

Short story: its where you store dogs.

Long story: its a place where (atleast i do) necromancing happens, so they will restart the life cycle.

Any world works, all it is is a place to come back to so you can necromance your dog back, just preform steps 5-7 but do this when they are born.

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