Wolfenstein: Youngblood – More Human Than Human Achievement Guide

I’ve decided to create a guide on this as there was not a lot in this space already, outside of saying you need to get your character up to level 92. Follow the steps that follow to get yourself through this grind in the quickest and easiest method.

How to Obtain More Human Than Human Achievement


More human than human

  • Obtain all abilities.

Simple Steps

So if you’re going for this achievement, it will be a bit of a grind as you’ll need to reach level 92 at a minimum. This is assuming you’ve gotten all the character points from completing the main story, all side quests from the crew in the Catacombs and found all the Da’at Yichud Treasures.

Most of the experience points you’ll want is from killing Nazi’s and opening lock boxes.

Step 1: Bump that difficulty all the way down to easy

You’re getting the same amount of experience points no matter what difficulty you’re playing on, so going on the easiest difficulty saves time by being able to mow through enemies quicker and not having to worry about your health. The amount of experience you get from enemies varies based on how tough they are. Your basic grunt Nazi can net you around 200-600 XP and your big Mech Nazi’s can earn you up to 9,400 XP.

Step 2: Check daily and Weekly tasks from Abby in the Catacombs

These can give you some bonus XP while running around in the levels, especially if they’re basic tasks like opening chests or killing Nazi’s which you’ll be doing plenty of.

Step 3: Choose your favourite Nazi killing tools

I chose the dual Maschinenpistole(double tapping Z if you have the ability unlocked), as these are good for obliterating through Nazi’s in quick succession.

Step 4: Collect as many lock boxes as you can

Lock boxes can get you 950 XP for the white variety or 1900 XP for the yellow variety. With plenty of these lying around the levels, they’re a quick easy addition to levelling you up. Also works out great if you need money towards the Gear Head achievement.

Step 5: Complete pop-up tasks

While you can get some bonus XP for completing the replay levels, I don’t think that bonus is worth it. The downside to doing those is that you wont get the Pop-up tasks from Abby. These tasks can score you anywhere from 4,000 or 5,000 XP each and while these won’t always pop-up, I’ve had occasions where I’ve gotten 3 during the course of playing through 1 map. Compare this to 2,000 to 4,000 point bonus you’d get for replaying a level on easy difficulty. And yes, you can get a much higher bonus XP reward by replaying those levels on higher difficulties, but it also takes more time to play through the levels. Even the highest bonus reward of 16,000 points, which sounds like a lot, is the equivalent of killing around 20 Nazis, which you can slay quickly on easy difficulty.

Step 6: Rotate through areas to re-spawn those lock boxes

Once you’ve collected all the lock boxes in a level, they won’t reappear until you’ve played through a few more levels(4 I believe). So try playing through the levels in order as they appear on Metro maps.

That’s about all there is to it, just keep playing through those levels till you get to level 92(assuming you’ve completed all other missions and collected treasures).

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