WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Useful Tips and Tricks

In this guide, I will be giving some tips and tricks for you fellow WolfQuest players. These usually help me with the game and help me finish it faster. I just made it cause I was bored. Hope you enjoy!

Tips for Players

All credit goes to karri.quill!

Moving Down

This is for amethyst mountain only

After entering a trial courtship with a potential mate, I recommend not staying up high in the hills. Start moving down! Trust me, if you manage to make the dispersal your mate, It’ll save you a lot of time getting to Slough Creek. This has helped in all my playthroughs, and I hope it’ll help you with your’s.

(Side Note) I noticed a lot of people use this technique, and I’m probably not the creator of it.

Territory Takeover Multiplayer!

This category is for multiplayer, so if you don’t use multiplayer or stuff like that, you can skip to the next category.

Some games in multiplayer are made for taking over territory. Here is some tips for you to help in servers like these!

Try to go in a direction little to no people have gone

Doing this makes it to where you can expand in a different direction, which helps a lot with the takeover. However, if the host only wants you to expand in one direction, please follow the host’s orders.

Hunt when you can!

You never know when you might run into a competitor, so having food to heal is always necessary. It also helps if you have somebody with you, so they can fill up on food, too.

Don’t go too far into stranger territory

This applies to every single game, singleplayer or multiplayer. This is a big risk, especially if nobody is with you to help fight if a stranger wolf comes to fight. If you’re goal is to get rid of territory around the home hex, make sure you have at least 1-3 people with you. Trust me. I’ve gone into stranger territory alone many times.

One Hex Help

Since some people do one hex challenges (multiplayer and singleplayer), I’ll give you some help on setting up your own!

Claiming Territory

For the territory claiming, you’ll want to find a den you really want to choose for your playthrough, then get it to 70%-100%. After you’ve done this, start claiming random hexes, spread them out, they don’t have to touch each-other to count, this will make it easier for the stranger packs to claim the rest of them.


This is the hard part of the One Hex challenge. You’ll want to almost always keep your pups inside, In case of a predator attack, which is most likely a wolf attack. During nighttime, don’t let your pups outside unless they need fed or you need to move dens.

Recommended Dens

Worst case scenario, You need to move dens. It’ll be a nightmare if you don’t have a den in the same hex, so here’s some recommendations.

  • Any of the 2 McBride dens
  • I really can’t think of any more

You could also just stay on the move until the pups reach 15 pounds, then move to the closest rendezvous site in your hex.

Fighting Help


Coyotes are quite easy to chase off when their alone, but if you manage to get cornered by a trio in singleplayer, and you don’t have a mate to help you, it can get difficult. You’ll want to:

  • Stay close to your carcass, don’t let them take a chunk if you can.
  • Don’t go after one that’s too far, try biting the closest one.
  • Avoid running at them if you can, just growl and they’ll usually get scared and run.
  • If you manage to kill one, don’t go running after the rest of the pack. It’s a waste of time, energy, and health.


Stranger Wolves are quite a hard enemy to chase off/kill, especially if your alone and get ambushed by a group. In this situation, you should:

  • Try and stay as far as possible from the stranger, not too far!
  • Avoid biting if your health is low, just growl & snarl.
  • Try to aim for the flank or neck, the leg doesn’t deal much damage.
  • If another one shows up and you don’t have a mate, It’s best to just run, no point in wasting health on wolves that will likely end up killing you.


Cougar’s are easy to scare, and not that difficult of an enemy, if their not defending their kill.

  • Try not to get too close if you don’t intend on biting it.
  • Don’t bite all the time, growling scares them and makes them more likely to run.
  • Charging at the wrong moment can cost you a lot of health. Plan your attacks, and strike at the right moment!


Bears are one of the strongest predators in the game.

  • If you see a boar, and you’re alone, it’s best to just run.
  • Biting wont do too much, growling and snarling is the best resort.
  • If the bear runs, don’t chase it down, unless your in multiplayer and have some others biting as well. In singleplayer, it’s just a health waste.


  • Floppy is floppy.
  • Do not disturb floppy.
  • Floppy is happy where she is.
  • If you can, set her free.
  • You cannot harm floppy.
  • Do not try to harm floppy.
  • Floppy cannot be killed.

Bonus! Challenges

The Four Packs

This is not my original idea

You can walk around Amethyst spots and “mark” your territory. (It’s not really marking) and patrol it daily. All trespassing wolves must be chased off (unless their dispersals and your still looking for a mate). You can only hunt in your territory.


Prob not my idea

Ironwolf, Accurate, Damage Indicators Off, Mate Permadeath On, Can’t Choose Any Perks When You Age Up, -2 On All Stats. Enjoy, and if you manage to get to age 3, your either really good at the game or hacked ?

Apprentice Hunter

Only hunt Hares, Elk Calves, and Deer Fawns. -1 Strength, +1 Speed, 0 Health, 0 Stamina.


Make your territory into the shape of a dorito, that’s really it.

Floppy’s Friend

Glitch into Floppy’s cage and don’t leave it, see how long you can survive!

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