Wonhon: Prologue – Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

First Area Guards

So depending on how you want to run the game, you can simply possess the first guard and run passed the other guards. Rinse and repeat this until you’ve collected the pages of the comic book and rescue your brother. Then upon your escape, you’ll probably need to repeat this process, making your brother wait somewhere safe, while moving the guards out of your way.

I chose the gratuitous amount of violence option.

If you possess the first guard you can take aim and kill the second guard. Then the third. Then the fourth. You may have enough time to kill a fifth guard if you have enough possession power left. If not, just press the “F” key and suicide the guard you’re possessing. So either 5/9 or 6/9 guards will be dead, tremendously simplifying the dangers of the level. In one of my playthroughs for building this guide, I got 7 of the guards to come into the first area. So you can use the first area of the village into a perfect killbox.

If you want to possess the next guard and run down the remaining ones, have at it. However you play, I’ll show you where the Comic Book Pages are in the next section.

Comic Book Achievement

After the area with guards 1 and 2 is another smaller area with a “U-shaped” house. To the right is a collection of barrels. To the right of the barrels, is the chest containing Comic Page 1. (I used the “Enemy FOV” function to show you the broad area.)

Leave this area and head into the main courtyard. If you’ve killed all 9 guards, you can just explore the whole level at your leisure.

If you need to avoid some guards, head to the right and all the way back to a shrine. Hiding behind this shrine is the main character’s little brother.

You’ll see the chest containing Comic Page 2.

Then head to the opposite side of the level, passed a second shrine by itself, and you’ll find a larger house with the final chest containing Comic Page 3.

Obviously, depending how you played, you now know the locations of what you need. Finish up and then return to where the brother is hiding. Get the brother to “Follow” your character and he’ll be tethered to you until you disconnect with the “Wait Here” option. Use this as you need to.

Note: Though you have all 3 Pages, because you still risk potentially “losing” them, you must complete the level with them to earn the achievement.

Brother Achievement

With the brother tethered to your character, head back to the start of the level. Be wary of any guards still patrolling the area, they’re patrols are pretty generous. (Again, “Enemy FOV” was used for this screenshot.)

Once you get to the bridge, you’ll have completed the level with your brother and all 3 pages of the comic. It’ll also show you a Stats list on the screen. Well done!

Note: As long as you completed the game with all 3 Pages, you’ll receive the COMIC BOOK and BROTHER Achievements at the same time. Congratulations!

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