World Nations Game – Definitive Space Colonies Guide

Each player has a colony in one of the countries Alpha Centauri colonies. Each country from Earth has own colony territory in Alpha Centauri habitable planet.

Ultimate Guide to Space Colonies

Space Colonies Info

  • Every player starts with his own space colony in his own country space territory.
  • For a fee any player can move his space colony, can even move it on another country teritorry.
  • To move the colony the player visits the colony map of the country he wants to join it’s colony, then he clicks on the map to move colony in an available space. Note that if it’s wild territory on map then you need to choose another available space on the map to move it since you can’t move colonies on wild spaces of territory. Wild territories have a distinct graphic on map with fields, forests or mountains.
  • In a player space colony the owner can build buildings that does different things.
  • Command Center building produces tritium, polymers and titanium gathered from all over the colony. Based on level it also increases the storage space of your colony.
  • Fusion Power Plant building is the building where Energy Boosters are produced for the space colony owner. Level 1 Fusion Power Plant produces 5xQ1 Energy Boosters; Level 2 Fusion Power Plant produces 5xQ2 Energy Boosters; Level 3 Fusion Power Plant produces 5xQ3 Energy Boosters; Level 4 Fusion Power Plant produces 5xQ4 Energy Boosters; Level 5 Fusion Power Plant produces 5xQ5 Energy Boosters.
  • Health Center building is the building where Health Kits are produced for the space colony owner. Level 1 Health Center produces 5xQ1 Health Kits; Level 2 Health Center produces 5xQ2 Health Kits; Level 3 Health Center produces 5xQ3 Health Kits; Level 4 Health Center produces 5xQ4 Health Kits; Level 5 Health Center produces 5xQ5 Health Kits;
  • A player may choose to move his colony to another location on the map with a cost for move of 5000 Money and 25 Gold.
  • Each colony building can be upgraded to produce more or better quality products.
  • A player can move his colony produced products to own storage to be available for usage from the Command Center building.
  • To produce Energy Boosters and Health Kits the Fusion Power Plant and Health Center buildings use tritium, polymers and titanium produced by the Command Center.
  • Recruitment Center building is the place where you recruit soldiers needed to attack other space colonies.
  • To recruit soldier from Recruitment Center you need to have the required tritium, polymers and titanium.
  • Using the produced soldier in space colony, a player can attack other players colonies on any country map. If he wons he will get rewards of money, gold and fame if the respective attacked player colony was not attacked more than 3 times for that day. The player also gets tritium, polymers and titanium if these resources are over the protected storage value of the colony which is 45 in value at the start of colony and increseases whith the level of the Recruitment Center.
  • If you won a fight you earn 500 Money, 2 Gold and 500 Fame
  • If you fail a fight you lose 250 Money and 1 Gold. The defender gets 0.5 Gold, 250 Money and 250 Fame.
  • In an attack between colonies the player with any remaining troops after the fight get’s the rewards and wins the fight.
  • The troops a player can get in it’s colony are: Q1 Recruits Units, Q2 Recon Units, Q3 Infantry Units, Q4 Engineering Units, Q5 Armored Units.
  • Each of the troops have the following attack: Q1 Recruits Units = 1 Attack, Q2 Recon Units = 2 Attack, Q3 Infantry Units = 3 Attack, Q4 Engineering Units = 4 Attack, Q5 Armored Units = 5 Attack.
  • Each 10 levels of the Recruitment Center increases the number of troops that can be recruited at one time.

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