World of MiniMonsters – Strategy Guide

This guide will help novice players to have a good strategy to overcome the levels of the game.

Guide to Success Strategy


At the beginning of each game, and each time a new land is reached, the first thing to do is to go on adventures.

Each quest that is generated can only be passed if the player has Minimonsters that meet the characteristics indicated in the quest.

What do I do if I don’t meet the requirements of the quests?

The first thing to do is to capture new Minimonsters. Look for the right Minimonster in the capture MiniMonsters button, the one that has the appropriate class, element or characteristic to pass the quest.

Important tip: If a MiniMonster of silver or gold quality appears, don’t waste the opportunity and capture it.

What to do if the seven MiniMonsters on the land do not meet the requirements to pass the quests?

In that case you should use potions. Use potions to change the type of your Mini-Monster, its element or increase its characteristics.

Final tip: It is important to complete as many of the three quests as possible in each level of the game you are in.

Capture Minimonsters

Each new land you reach will have 7 new MiniMonsters available to be captured.

Remember that it is essential to capture those that will allow you to pass the quests, and that those that are silver or gold are a unique opportunity to be captured.

You cannot capture new MiniMonsters if you already have four in your team or have passed all seven MiniMonsters available in that land.

Before starting the fight, it is important that there are always 4 Minimonsters in your team, so that you can choose the right one for the fight.

Each game level, each new land, generates seven new mini-monsters, and you should know that the monsters captured in the new land will have a higher level than in the previous land. Therefore, it is good advice to get rid of those that are no longer useful or have a low level, and capture new ones.

Top tip: Keep your two favourite Minimonsters and recycle the other two!


At the beginning of each game you have enough gold to buy potions.

Potions are the only way to level up your MiniMonsters, raise their attributes and change their characteristics.

It is important that you focus on leveling up those MiniMonsters that are the ones you use in combat, or are your favourites. These should be two, or at most three. Don’t spend potions on those Mini Monsters you don’t use.

If you don’t have enough gold to buy the potions for that particular land, focus on buying those that raise combat attributes or elemental potions, ignore those that allow you to change MiniMonster types and unknown potions as they are too random.


Possibly the most important part of the game.

When you go to fight against a rival MiniMonster, note what type and what element it uses, as well as the possible ability it might have.

Feel free to press the back button and return to the main game screen once you have seen your opponent’s characteristics.

Now look at your MiniMonsters and select the one whose type provides benefits against your opponent, and the element that will counter your opponent’s element.


  • Light > Nature
  • Nature > Mech
  • Mech > Dark
  • Dark > Light

+1 Bonus per Attack


  • Water > Fire
  • Fire > Earth
  • Earth > Air
  • Air > Water.

+3 Bonus per Blast Attack

If none of your MiniMonsters have the right type or element to match your opponent, change the type and element of your MiniMonster with potions. You are now ready to fight!

Choose Your Battlefield

Choose your battlefield correctly. Choose a battlefield that gives a bonus to the type of MiniMonster you have chosen, and if this is not possible, choose a battlefield that does not give a bonus to your opponent.

Combat Strategy

When to use Attack or Defence, or when to use the Blast Attack?

If your Mini-Monster has a high attack value, the best strategy is to attack, attack and attack continuously. The moment the elemental attack is ready, launch it!

If your Minimonster has a high defence value, the best strategy is to defend, defend, and defend. Wait for your opponent to launch their Blast Attack, and then, taking advantage of the fact that it has not defended, launch yours next!.

For those Minimonsters that have POISON as an ability, it is also a good idea to defend as much as you can.

Blast attacks are usually charged every three turns, unless the MiniMonster has the CHARGED BLAST ability. When your blast charges, it is very likely that the opponent’s blast will also charge. It is therefore a good idea to defend at that point instead of blasting, and once the opponent uses their blast, launch your own blast counterattack, taking advantage of the fact that the opponent has not defended. Sometimes the opponent waits a little longer to launch such an attack, so be patient and defend in the meantime.

Final Advices

  • Before combat, complete as many quests as possible and buy potions.
  • In each new land, get rid of unused mini-monsters and keep only the best ones or your favourites. Capture new MiniMonsters each new land, as these will be of a higher level than those found in the previous land.
  • It is always important to have four MiniMonsters in your team before fighting.
  • Use potions to level up those 2 or 3 MiniMonsters that you will be using to fight. Don’t use your potions on all of them, just the chosen ones, as you will have to eliminate them sooner or later.
  • When fighting, there is nothing to stop you from seeing your opponent and then returning to the main screen or changing the Mini-Monster you have chosen to fight. Always choose the right Mini-Monster that has a type and above all an element that gives you a bonus against your opponent.
  • If the opponent is too strong or you can’t beat it, you will find a button with circular arrows underneath it before the fight. This allows you to change your opponent. You can do this up to 3 times per game level.
  • Remember that the game has a high difficulty. If you are new to World of MiniMonsters, always start playing on Easy level.
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