World to the West – Pugilistic Champion Guide

Read this if you’re having trouble trying to beat some of the opponents in the boxing ring.


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Once Clonington reaches the city, trying to establish himself as the manliest of gentlemen, he’s faced with two challenges: an obstacle course, and a pugilistic fight (aka boxing match).

The obstacle run is fairly easy; as long as you make good use of the tackle move (switching to punches to save time when there’s no place to run), you should have no trouble reaching the goal within 70 seconds. You can try it again afterwards – if you beat 50 seconds (which mainly requires good steering during the run), you’ll get rewarded with a health upgrade.

Completing the boxing ring, however, takes much more effort; even if you beat the opponent easily, to be declared the champion you’ll have to find and beat all other challengers (and some of them can be rather tough nuts to crack).

Know Your Moves

It’s imperative that you know your moves well; your opponents have a similar set (though they’re usually better at performing them). I’m listing PS gamepad controls as example; you can check yours in settings or by bringing up the cheatsheet (RB/R1).

  • Punch (A/cross): low damage but can be delivered quickly; can combo up to 3
  • Tackle (X/square then wait): high damage but takes time to prepare (which you rarely have…)
  • Smash (X/square then A/cross): stuns enemies in the area immediately in front of you; takes a bit of time to prepare (can be interrupted)
  • Diving Chop (A/cross when running): same effect as smash but is harder to intercept; you need to make a lot of distance from the opponent first

When delivering a punch, the opponent freezes for a moment, allowing you to deliver another, and then once more; after that, he blocks your attack (which unfortunately is not available to you) and counters with a smash.

When attacking (which they do if you’re close or just out of reach), they typically deliver two punches followed by a smash.

In both cases, it takes a bit of time for them to recover after a smash, thus giving you a window for attack.

The Primary Tactic

Most of the opponents can be actually beaten with the same simple tactic:

  • Find an opening between the opponent’s punches and deliver a punch of your own
  • Conclude the combo by following up with two more punches
  • Step away from his counter (back or to the side)
  • Close the distance before he recovers; rinse and repeat

With any luck, it’s perfectly possible to take out at least half of your opponents without taking any damage.

Your Opponents

Note that initially you only have one opponent available; after beating him, Clonington will have to find the others and challenge each to a fight.

Rich Dangerous (the 1st opponent)

Nothing special, just use the default tactic against him.

Klaura (innkeeper, counter at the entrance)

Jumps back when receiving a punch, making combos ineffective.

Bait her into attacking you by staying just out of reach, then tackle while she recovers.

Mr. Harrison (guard captain, west entrance of the city)

This one is somehow harder to bait into completing his combo.

He also steps back some when receiving a punch; you’ll need to make a step towards him after the first punch, or the third punch won’t reach him.

Oleg (hermit, north of the lake)

He’s walking slowly and is easiest to bait into attack, but has the most health.

Your victory will depend on you having perfected the default tactic by now.

Smackington fon Punch (fancy ape, the circus basement)

This one is much harder: he attacks quickly, blocks your punches and counters nearly immediately.

His battle also has two stages, and he’s actually the hardest one to win against, despite not being the final opponent.

  • In the first stage, you need to make distance, then stun him (smash or diving chop – what’s important is to time it so that he’s in range) and deal damage quickly by tackling him
  • After you do this several times and he loses half of his health, he screams at you and flies into rage
  • Now you can’t avoid getting hit at all; so instead of avoiding his attacks, start punching back non-stop as well (this way he has no time for regular punches and only delivers his counters)

Buzz-Buzz (ASCII-talking robot, appears after beating all others)

If you’re curious, he’s talking like a little kid (when playing online), saying stuff like “LOL NOOB” and “U MAD BRO???”; though he’s subdued somewhat after his defeat (switching to lowercase and saying “wtf hax”).

The robot also starts off assaulting you mercilessly; moreover, he has very far reach and walks faster as well. Also, his smashstuns you, leaving vulnerable for his attacks.

The default tactic works against him, but you need to start off by walking up to him immediately and attack ignoring his punches; after your third punch, immediately start circling around him – that’s the only way to avoid getting stunned by his counter.

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